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Interactive Puzzle Game for Dogs and Cats, Flower

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Calling all proud pawrents! Stimulate your dog's natural instincts, sense of smell and mental abilities with the Flower Puzzle Game for pets!

The Flower Puzzle Game for Dogs and Cats is our other design in disk-shaped puzzles line, that aims to raise curiosity of your pet with circular object. Ten cylinders placed inside of two levels of wooden platforms require first removal of them from their designated spaces. Then the dog needs to spin flower-shaped platform in order to get to more treats awaiting him underneath.

Dimensions: 15”x13”x3”

Just like the Birthday Cake puzzle, the parent can regulate the difficulty level from 1 paw to 4 paws by adding or subtracting the cylinders. May this “flower” brighten every day of your dog’s life!

All our games and puzzles are made from certified wood covered with water-based varnish that is not harmful to humans and animals. Please keep the game dry and free of water exposure, as the wooden pieces may swell otherwise. Use only dry treats for playing with our games.

Here's how it works:

1. Encourage verbally your dog to seek the treats hidden inside of the puzzle.

2. The treat will be found under the “cylinder” by knocking it down with a paw or a nose and in case of the “hat” by moving it in its track to the position where the “hat” can be lifted revealing the treat. Additional drawers can be opened by pulling on the string attached to them.

3. Do praise the dog each time he/she solves the task - this motivates them to play as much as the smell of their favorite treat.


  • Since it is quite difficult game to play, we suggest you start to use it with only one tile blocked with two “cylinders”. Gradually, as she or he learns how to move the parts add additional tile and “cylinders” to increase the level of difficulty. As with any interactive puzzle make sure to stay all the time with your dog while he is solving it, being an active witness to his achievement.

  • Play with your pet and encourage him to solve the task. Stay calm, be patient and continue to explain the game to your pet until he understands it.

  • * Do not let your dog play unsupervised and intervene when he starts to bite the game. Cats can play with the puzzle on its own.

  • Let your dog play with the game no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise he might lose his interest in the game. Distract him with something else and put the game away for a little while.

  • A few days break from playing with other games from My Intelligent Dogs® games collection will let your dog enjoy puzzle games anew each time you give it to him.


Playing this game together will sure strengthen emotional bond between you and your furrypal and provide physical activity necessary to ensure your pet’s health and wellbeing.

According to dog’s behaviorists 15 minutes of mental stimulation with employment of interactive game equivalents to 1 hour of physical exercise. This is especially important for the dogs living in large cities where long walks are difficult and impossible , senior dogs with ailments that do not allow them for prolong outings and those living in cold climates where going outside can put animal’s health at risk. 

Interactive Puzzle Game for Dogs and Cats, Flower
Interactive Puzzle Game for Dogs and Cats, Flower Sale price$113.00

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