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OMG! Both my furries love to wear these elf collars...they would thrust their heads forward into the collars and feel happy wagging their tails as they parade around asking for praises! I am pleased that they like their festive accessories and feel comfortable in them. The elf collars are soft and easy to wear. Best of all, the elf collar doesn’t drop out and the furry doesn’t get irritated. Pictures taken are special and festive. Guests and public members who saw my furries in the rare and unique elf collars looked amused and delighted. What a way to celebrate!

MAVERICK The Soft Toy - My Furkid’s New Found Love ❤️!

I bought Maverick The Cuddly Gentle Moose for myself (LOL) because he looks so cute and welcoming for Christmas 🎄 BUT my golden furry fell in love with it and of course he won and Maverick has been keeping my furboy company since - BFF! Super Soft, Cuddly and Gentle! For me, easy to maintain and keep clean is a plus!


Love this gift treats!
My furries love it because it’s delicious!
I love it because it’s healthy for my furkids!
My friends love it because the packaging is so classy and elegant!
Can reuse the container as an outdoor treat carrier... Green Too!

Excellent Christmas Gift For All Dogs and Cats 💝

Absolutely Health!
Simply Delicious!
Beautiful Packaging!

An Awesome Christmas Gift Which Will Definitely Please Both Paw-Friends and Pawrents!

Cute and Sturdy!

It’s perfect for the Christmas season. And the stitches are able to withstand some biting and pulling.

Knitted milk packet

My very first toy from GB was the knitted popcorn toy. Really love the natural woven quality of this toy. Though some of the yarn has been pulled out by his vigorous tugging , it is still in good shape & he is still playing with it. The milk packet is his second knitted collection & it will be a treasured toy for sure.

Quality product

The collar is very well made and also very stylish. The best thing about buying from Ginger and Bear is the customer service.

Too beautiful

A lot of thought has gone into the aesthetic of this peacock. It is incredibly plush and squeaky. Keep away from aggressive chewers though.

P.L.A.Y does not disappoint

Huge fan of this brand! Birds are cute as a button but tough and built for a dogs jaw.


We bought two of these- one for dog to lie on in the car (on the backseat) and one to lug along outdoors to the parks and restaurants. They've come in super handy during this rainy season. Well-stitched, and the material used for these pads make it a breeze to vacuum/spot-clean.

A fun way to shop with your dogs!

While I love shopping online, It's always lovely to see and touch the products, and also to meet the people behind the brand. The pop-ups offer a convenient option to shoppers and it's great that dogs are allowed too. A very positive experience!

Bed for life

Now that my dog is fully grown I decided to invest in a proper bed for her. From the moment I put it down, two sniffs and couple seconds later my dog was sold. The bed is an absolute hit! It’s easy to maintain and clean. It’s fluffy and comfortable without it being saggy or messy.
It was worth the wait and the investment

My dog looks quite comfortable in the harness.

Toy review

Cute & instagrammable toy. Always love PLAY toys; realistic & good quality & creative. Friendly service too


Got it at the Ruffwear sale held by G&B. We r fortunate to have gotten the right size for Coco because we didn’t measure her feet before purchase, but we are pleased with the service as they offered us rough estimate sizes of her dogs to compare with. And the sizes are perfect! ☺️ Thank you so much!

Gabi, my best friend!


Just want to say that ever since mummy and daddy brought Gabi back, i am lonely no more. It’s my source of comfort, entertainment and laughter! My friend, Gabi, is really hardly! I’m a chewer and so far (it’s been about 1 month), my friend is still in one piece. 😂 i bring it wherever I go in the house, and am never lonely ever again! Thanks Ginger and bear for this wonderful friend!

Baby girl of Michelle and Eugene

The bowl is big and deep!! It’s really awesome for me because I get to have more water and food! :) spillage is lesser too when I lick because the food doesn’t fly out as much n mummy/daddy don’t have to clean up do much. And the best thing? The metal bowl is coated with enamel! So, don’t be afraid of rust. Love the bowl! Thank u!

Baby girl of Michelle and Eugene

Wildebeest Funston Dog Baggie, Poop Bag dispenser Red
Excellent Pet Product

Functional, Easy To Use, Light Weight And Ecstatically Good Looking Poop Bag Dispenser - A Good Brand And Model To Have When Owning A Dog!

Nice collar

Design n quality is good. Fit perfectly on my doggie