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Functional, easy to wear

This is our second raincoat from Cloud7, to use as a spare during the rainy season!
We got 2 sizes bigger for better coverage and love the colour. Very friendly customer service as well. Thanks for the recommendation!

Stylish Poop Bag

Been eyeing on this for the longest time. So stylish and functional.

Dogs love it

The dogs love it!

Gorgeous collar

The leather is so soft and I love the wool design.

Smoocher: Christmas Stars for Dogs and Cats
Such a cute item

to Make your pup look like a Xmas Celebrity. Bought it for many of my dogs' Frens and they all look great in it.

Beautiful, Christmasy and Comfortable Scarf

The design caught my eyes! It’s beautifully designed and very Christmasy, so apt for Christmas 🎄 The material is comfortable for my dogs and large size is so right for large and giant dogs. My dogs look so good in their Christmasy scarfs for Christmas 🎄 Congratulations Ginger & Bear on your new private G&B labels - looking forward to more of your local homegrown designs and production under the G&B private labels. HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, GINGER & BEAR 💐

Holiday Burrow Gingerbread House, Sniff 'n Search Squeaky Dog Toy
Lovely Gift Item

Toy Size is Good for small breed dogs

Very Cute and Quirky Deco Collar

Instantly Make the doggy look like Hollywood Star and the shop owner has been very helpful with determining correct size to buy

Blooming buddies indeed!

Got this set as a gift for a little sausage and he loves it to bits! The toys are beautifully made with lots of interactive features. They’re also tough enough to withstand the jaws of a teething dauschand! Love ‘em

Beautiful piece. Love the fitment.

Perfect fit and looks great! Very fast shipping too!

Cute collection

Cute collection. Good quality as always.

Favourite Toy

This is by far our lab’s most favourite squeaky toy. It’s soft and durable, especially for a power chewer like our lab. The squeaker is really loud, it’s the perfect alarm clock in the morning, except on weekends 😅

Fits nicely

Great customer service with seller providing added value service with suggestions on measurements. Item received by private courier with no plastic used. Suits my Corgi mix’s long body!

Practical and cute

Especially great for your pup if they are slightly hesitant around water. Lets you introduce them gently to the water and so much easier to guide them with the handle on the life coat.

Good quality and oh so cute

These minis are really soft! They are so cute and are suitable for smaller sized dogs. My doggo loves them!

Cute and cuddly

This toy is soft and cuddly despite being a squeaky toy. The size is just right even for a small sized Shih Tzu. Good quality too. No loose threads or fur.

It’s a lovely material. Great for wearing in the day and in SG’s heat and humidity. Stands up to washing and a few hours of wearing.

This the second float coat we've bought (one for each of our dogs). We've seen how much confidence it gives our dog when they are trying to swim for the first time. It's really helped make our dogs feel more confident in the water. It also gives us peace of mind, especially when we are at the beach, to know that they will always be safe (even when they get too excited and still want to swim even if they may be tired already). The handle is also very useful when trying to guide them in the water.

Our favorite!

Our 5 year old lab has been using one since she was 1 and now our 1 year old border collie has a matching one as well. We've always loved it's simple and sturdy design and that it comes in so many designs and colors to choose from! The reflective webbing is useful for taking them out to potty at night and for when we go camping.

Very useful!

This is the 3rd beacon we've bought - one was an older version and both our dogs have one each. It's very useful for us for when we go camping or go hiking early in the morning to catch the sunrise. It's very light and attaches securely to the collar or harness. It also has 3 colors to choose from so we can assign one color for each of our dogs so it's easy to see who is who at night! And of course we love that is rechargeable!

Good design! Great fit!

We love this backpack because it fits our border collie really well, and the bags stay close to the body, so it is easier for the dogs to carry/keep them balanced. The harness attached to it is padded and has a nice and snug fit - she looks very comfortable wearing it. We really love the aurora teal color and the little purple details on it - it's both so pretty and so functional.

Better than we expected!

We love these leashes because they are actually so light! Even the hardware that attaches to the collar/harness is light and yet feels very sturdy with its closed loop design. We also especially love that it is adjustable to make the leash shorter, longer, to go around the waist or just hand-held (and its very easy to adjust too). It is also reflective so it's useful at night, or when we are camping. To top it all off, there are so many designs and really great color palette's to choose from.

Coolest Raincoat!

Love the design and the fitting of this raincoat on my 8month old toy poodle. I got him a size S and it fits him perfectly. The quality of the raincoat feels really good and comfy. My pup refused to let me remove it once it's on him! i'm sure this is a good testimony on how comfortable he feels in it :) Fuss free purchase! Friendly sales lady with very prompt reply. Highly recommended without a doubt!

Quality life vest

Got 2 of these in XXS and XS for my poodle and cocker spaniel. Love the bright yellow color. The quality of the fabric and sewing of the float coat are really good. Most importantly, they keep my pups safe!

Ruffwear Grip Trex Blue Spring

These little boots are so cute. What's most important is that they are extremely easy to wear and our doggo quickly adapted to wearing them on our walks. He prances around and there was minimal rejection. The boots are quite easy to season and fits well even with his dew claws. Perfect for walking on hot concrete surfaces and muddy grass.