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Travel bowl
Travel bowl

Overall quality is great and delivery is prompt too

The evaporative cooling works, even in Singapore's humidity

I love both the swamp cooler and vests. I see a remarkable difference in my dogs' stamina when they are wearing them vs when without. I recommended it to my friend who has a boxer. Boxers can overheat quite easily, and she also agrees that there is a visible difference when her dog is wearing the vest.

Entertaining enough when my pup is in the mood to work for her food. It feeds more slowly than the west paw toppl, which is a plus point. Downside is that it isn’t the easiest to get a proper clean so it’s best to avoid anything oily

quality tug toy, more suitable for medium dogs

Love the sturdy feel and good grip, worth the investment and easy to clean. Slightly big for my dog (8kg) who can’t get a good bite to really tug roughly, but she’s still super excited when I bring this out for play

Lightweight comfy and cute

Was true to description, being lightweight and wide for less stress on her neck. Got this for my 8kg schnoodle pup and bonus is it looks great!

Hurtta raincoat monsoon

With this monsoon raincoat, I can go out anytime and anywhere. When my dog urgently needs to poo and it’s raining, this raincoat solves all the problems. Unlike other brands, the monsoon raincoat keeps him dry on areas that are covered. Its ease of use is another bonus; just slip it on, buckle it and slot in his hind legs into the straps and you are free to go. If you are out and got caught in the rain, the monsoon raincoat helps you to be able to quickly put on the raincoat for your dog and you can go home; while other dog owners had to hide under the shelter with their dogs to avoid being drenched. This is a must have for every dog and every owner who loves walking his dog regardless of the weather. See how comfortable he is in his monsoon raincoat that he even rolled on the floor to show his approval 😊

Picture Speak A Thousand Words!

Picture Speaks A Thousand Words! See the pix for yourself. A Stunning Beautiful Bow Tie most apt for A Stunning Beautiful Pup! Simply Gorgeous!

Absolutely Beautiful Doggie Bow Tie for International Dog Day!

Happy International Dogs Day! This beautiful and comfortable bow tie is absolutely suitable for such a special occasion. Stunning on my ❤️

My Pup’s Fav Bed!

This bed is absolutely appealing to my spaniel. He simply loves it. He sleeps in it, plays in it and hides his favourite treats cum toys in it as well. The material feels cool, soft and very comfortable. Even when there is no more medium size, I actually bought a large size for my spaniel and I am so glad I did! Thank you Ginger & Bear for bringing in such AWSOME beds and delivering it to my home - Much Appreciated!

Great leash!

Fantastic leash, it's soft and tough at the same time. It doesn't cut my hands and it's really comfortable to use. Twof pulls but the leash is very strong! Love it!

Simply Stylish, Comfortable & Cool

Second purchase! Upgraded in size when my puppy grew in size. It’s a comfortable harness with minimum material hence its both cool for hot weather as well as looks cool on my pup!

Useful loop

The loop near the collar is v useful to hold the dog close esp on narrow busy paths . Liked the leash more than I expected !

JJ's Birthday

We had a great party! The PLAY party time plush bundle was a delight. Very cute and beautifully designed. JJ loves it and the raise the woof party horn is his favourite. He is still having a great time fighting over the toys with his brothers Red and Bailey.


Excellent collar and service.

Hugs and Kisses Sloth, Dog Squeaky Plush toy
Michelle S

Got this for a friend who loves 🦥

Great bag

Nice bag with squaker and poo bag holder

Happy Toys

3in1 happy toys

Great Toy

Great toy design

Zippy Caterpillar Squeaky Dog Toy, Deluxe
Big Size

Very big size, worth the money

Best Dog Booties

I bought two sets (red and blue) for my dog as these booties fit him snugly and he could even run in them! They come in very nice design and are comfortable and easy to clean. My dog simply loves his booties! Thanks to Hwee Ling, who was very helpful and got our booties nicely packed and delivered in person super fast!

Best Slow Feeder / Boredom Breaker

My dog usually takes 2 mins to gobble his meal down, but with this he's properly occupied for 20 or so minutes. Can tell he enjoys the stimulation and challenge too! Only con is that it's difficult to scrub out and clean if there are sticky bits left at the bottom. But it's easy to pour hot soapy water over it to wash.

Great Leash

A great leash, provides some form of shock absorber when dog pulls.
I got a Large size for a S Front Range Harness, carabiner fits but alittle snug and will cause metals to grind. Would still choose a Large the next time as feels great on the hand.

Rising to the occasion

Saw this website online and decided to give it a try. Great fit and with great measuring guide. Will definitely recommend this to others.