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Must buy

Absolutely love this harness. It’s light weight and it’s good for escape artist as there are 4 clips to the belly. For impact puller, the handle comes in handy to hold and control your furkids. Abit pricey but it’s totally worth it👍🏻👍🏻

So pretty

Pretty material and the opening is big - so it’s easier to pull out the poop bags.


Size is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. The color is lovely, material is soft & comfy . Glad my puppy like it 💕

My puppy love it

An absolutely beautiful snuggle bed. Decided to get largest size as my puppy can have toys and pillow in it with him. When it is flat, it is big enough for me to sit with my puppy, he love it that I snuggle with him ❤

Versatile & adjustable fit

Comfortable design especially with the ergonomic , flexible fit. Also there is plenty of room for snacks & bag. It has a strap or can be clipped directly on if you don’t have belt loops. Good in the rain too.

Tug toy

My dog got so excited with this new toy - maybe too excited! Unfortunately it didn’t last a day though. Good design but didn’t hold up with an aggressive chewer.

Great Harness but....

Bought this harness on promotion from Ginger and Bear, delighted with the speed of delivery and packaging. Very impressed with the company.
This harness is well cut, looks great and is of excellent quality. I had been pleased to see it had metal adjustment tabs however that is where the design suffers. Our french bulldog has about 14 harness's, (just slightly spoilt) all the other harnesses have clips that make putting it on easy. This one you loosen of the tabs, thread the dog in. Pull the tabs tight. Very awkward and time consuming to fit and remove. For a working dog, brilliant, for a 60 minute walk and remove purpose its not so great. Will use for longer park visits.

Love it!

Twofus loves it! We use it all the time! Great service as always :)

Good quality

Yes they are a little bit more expensive, but you pay for what you get: sturdy poop bags that don't tear. A really good size, especially for bigger dogs for obvious reasons.

Really good quality and ergonomic fit

Ruffwear is my go to for everything functional for my dog. Bought it so that my dog can be visible and stay safe during our hikes. He is basically a walking traffic light in this vest, exactly as intended.


Very sturdy. Perfect for beagles 🤭

Great Toy

Got it during sale, love Fringe Toys design.

Great Toy

Got it during sale, love Fringe Toys design.

Great Toy

Got it during sale, love Fringe Toys design.

Great Deal

Got it during sale, love Fringe Toys design.

Great Deal

Got it during sale, love Fringe Toys design.

Great Toy

Another great design of PLAY toys. Very suit the foods lover. Super good quality.

Complete Series

Another great set of PLAY toys. Very suit the foods lover. Super good quality.

Treats galore

Roomy enough and easy access for lots of treats, poop bags and more. Easy to adjust and wear around waist or as a sash. Would be even better if it had the option to clip onto clothing. Our dog walks right by our side when he sees us with this pouch!

Comfort & strong

Comfortable hand held or around waist. Feels secure but also allows dog space to roam with a bit of stretch. The short handle is useful when crossing the road.

Smartly Appointed…

It’s the attention to details… you can tell the leather is thick and of great quality… even the way the loop connects the 2 separate pieces of leather… ensures Obi’s neck skin doesn’t get awkwardly stuck in the collar… or the branding… or the high quality brass used theoguhouy… the attention to detail… now if they only made one with a spot to fit an AirTag for my Basenji that’s always trying to run away… dah well, a man and his dog can dream… Until that day, this is my favorite collar for Obi… 🙏🏽✊🏽…

Functional, easy to wear

This is our second raincoat from Cloud7, to use as a spare during the rainy season!
We got 2 sizes bigger for better coverage and love the colour. Very friendly customer service as well. Thanks for the recommendation!

Stylish Poop Bag

Been eyeing on this for the longest time. So stylish and functional.

Dogs love it

The dogs love it!

Gorgeous collar

The leather is so soft and I love the wool design.