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Got this for a friend who loves 🦥

Great bag

Nice bag with squaker and poo bag holder

Happy Toys

3in1 happy toys

Great Toy

Great toy design

Big Size

Very big size, worth the money

Best Dog Booties

I bought two sets (red and blue) for my dog as these booties fit him snugly and he could even run in them! They come in very nice design and are comfortable and easy to clean. My dog simply loves his booties! Thanks to Hwee Ling, who was very helpful and got our booties nicely packed and delivered in person super fast!

Best Slow Feeder / Boredom Breaker

My dog usually takes 2 mins to gobble his meal down, but with this he's properly occupied for 20 or so minutes. Can tell he enjoys the stimulation and challenge too! Only con is that it's difficult to scrub out and clean if there are sticky bits left at the bottom. But it's easy to pour hot soapy water over it to wash.

Great Leash

A great leash, provides some form of shock absorber when dog pulls.
I got a Large size for a S Front Range Harness, carabiner fits but alittle snug and will cause metals to grind. Would still choose a Large the next time as feels great on the hand.

Rising to the occasion

Saw this website online and decided to give it a try. Great fit and with great measuring guide. Will definitely recommend this to others.

Cute and Christmasy!

Gave this to neighbour’s pup for Christmas. It’s so adorably cute on the sweet little pup. Nice IG pix too. Lovely elf Christmas cap and fun for the Christmas festive season. Hoomans are happy and pup so cute! Simply love it!

Comfortable & Ecstatic Doggie Bed

Bought this bed for my pups barkday and he loved it immediately. Used at home and in the car :) Comfortable that he wants to sleep and rest in it. And I like the design, fabric, material texture and most importantly quality. A very good bed!

Best Christmas Gift!

Gave this as Christmas gift to a friend’s dogs - Dogs look gorgeous and owner very happy! Comfortable, Easy to put on and Good quality.

Best Xmas Accessory!

A very Christmasy accessory for my dog and friends dogs! Comfortable and Cute! The doggies didn’t mind wearing it and they looked adorable! Cute for Christmas celebrations and photos. Good quality material and workmanship. Created awesome Christmas celebration!

buying a beautiful accessory for my dog in asia ?

i was impressed that the package came from sri lanka or somewhere else in asia. this was not mentioned on the internet site.
even if the packaging was beautifully made i will avoid buying accessories for my dog so far away. it is a little bit silly.

Flaking leather

The leather pieces started flaking the moment I took it out from the wrapper. After only like 10 mins with my dog, it's looking like the picture. Looks like some old stock. Possible to replace?

Wonderful service as always and wonderful product. Thank you guys!!

Cute hat but the antlers are not as big as shown

This hat would have gotten more stars if the antlers were as big as shown in the pic. They are in actual fact kind of small and floppy and don’t stand up well so when you take a pic of your pet, you can’t really see the antlers.

Zippy Burrow Sniff 'n Search Squeaky Dog Toy, Soup Dumpling
An addictive challenge for my dog

My dog can't get enough of this toy. You can put dry treats inside and she'll be torn between trying to get them out or getting the squeaky bao out. At least that's what it looks like to me. 'Cos when the treats fall out, she's still got her nose stuck inside the 'steamer' container, trying to get at a bao. Which is pretty unusual for her. She's usually a vacuum cleaner when it comes to treats falling on the floor. You can also play fetch with the bao or with the bao inside the steamer. It's just such a cleverly designed toy. Oh and it's also super cute. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it. Even though I am not a dog. Not sure what this says about me.

Good fun plus it prevents my dog from eating too fast

My dog seemed to have a great time at her dinner tonight. The toppl definitely made her eat a lot slower. And it also injected fun into her mealtime. I noticed that she was less hyper afterwards when I walked her. Maybe the challenge of getting her food out of the toppl helped to expend some pent-up energy.

Hurtta rain blocker evo

What I like about this raincoat is the coverage it provides and the hind legs straps to keep it in place when the dog is running. While it is quite expensive compared to other brands, it does what it should do. A little downside is that it is not so easy to wear outside when you are caught in the rain as this involves putting your dog’s 2 front legs into the sleeves, close the zip & button the tapered sleeves. This can only be done if you wear it at home before you head out, but definitely not when you are outdoors caught in the rain. Thus I have 2 different types of rain coat. I brought along the easy wear type in my bag and this Hurtta I leave at home.

A Useful High Quality Harness

This leather harness is very refine - soft, smooth and comfortable. My cocker spaniel doesn’t resist wearing it unlike those uncomfortable ones which he will struggle putting on. I can see that he likes it, comfortable wearing it and very mobile cum agile in this harness. The feel of this harness is very good - I wish I can find leather shoes as comfortable as this harness.

Soft to bite

Soft to bite and cute

Trex Collection

Keep continue the collection