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This the second float coat we've bought (one for each of our dogs). We've seen how much confidence it gives our dog when they are trying to swim for the first time. It's really helped make our dogs feel more confident in the water. It also gives us peace of mind, especially when we are at the beach, to know that they will always be safe (even when they get too excited and still want to swim even if they may be tired already). The handle is also very useful when trying to guide them in the water.

Our favorite!

Our 5 year old lab has been using one since she was 1 and now our 1 year old border collie has a matching one as well. We've always loved it's simple and sturdy design and that it comes in so many designs and colors to choose from! The reflective webbing is useful for taking them out to potty at night and for when we go camping.

Very useful!

This is the 3rd beacon we've bought - one was an older version and both our dogs have one each. It's very useful for us for when we go camping or go hiking early in the morning to catch the sunrise. It's very light and attaches securely to the collar or harness. It also has 3 colors to choose from so we can assign one color for each of our dogs so it's easy to see who is who at night! And of course we love that is rechargeable!

Good design! Great fit!

We love this backpack because it fits our border collie really well, and the bags stay close to the body, so it is easier for the dogs to carry/keep them balanced. The harness attached to it is padded and has a nice and snug fit - she looks very comfortable wearing it. We really love the aurora teal color and the little purple details on it - it's both so pretty and so functional.

Better than we expected!

We love these leashes because they are actually so light! Even the hardware that attaches to the collar/harness is light and yet feels very sturdy with its closed loop design. We also especially love that it is adjustable to make the leash shorter, longer, to go around the waist or just hand-held (and its very easy to adjust too). It is also reflective so it's useful at night, or when we are camping. To top it all off, there are so many designs and really great color palette's to choose from.

Coolest Raincoat!

Love the design and the fitting of this raincoat on my 8month old toy poodle. I got him a size S and it fits him perfectly. The quality of the raincoat feels really good and comfy. My pup refused to let me remove it once it's on him! i'm sure this is a good testimony on how comfortable he feels in it :) Fuss free purchase! Friendly sales lady with very prompt reply. Highly recommended without a doubt!

Quality life vest

Got 2 of these in XXS and XS for my poodle and cocker spaniel. Love the bright yellow color. The quality of the fabric and sewing of the float coat are really good. Most importantly, they keep my pups safe!

Ruffwear Grip Trex Blue Spring

These little boots are so cute. What's most important is that they are extremely easy to wear and our doggo quickly adapted to wearing them on our walks. He prances around and there was minimal rejection. The boots are quite easy to season and fits well even with his dew claws. Perfect for walking on hot concrete surfaces and muddy grass.

Ruffwear Front Range - Blue Moon

Love this harness. It fits well and nicely cushioned. Dries fast too!

As compared to our older hi and light, this one has s safety layer at the buckle so no worry about accidentally nipping on furkid's flesh.

The colour is also very lovely.

Runs small but for good reason

The harness runs a bit small, but the sizing is still correct. Very form fitting, which works better to prevent chafing as the harness cannot move around even when filled. Works perfect for our runs and when I am want him to pull. The design is fantastic and it looks good on the dog.

Easy to wear, form fitting and cooling

The vest is easy to wear, didn't struggle much with the dog. I love that it is form fitting cos 1) the evaporative cooling is more pronounced if the fabric is against skin 2) it works perfectly with the switchbak harness over it. On bigger dogs it may have a hilarious effect of a cropped muscle tee, so you be warned =D The evaporative cooling works best on hot and drier days. If it is hot and very humid, e.g. above 90% humidity, it will work not that well. However, the top part helps to offer some shading from UV rays.

Awesome product!

Awesome product. And the owner of Gingerandbear is unbelievably helpful and kind! Texted to check if the sizing is correct for my pup. Tried it out on waters and it works as described. There is no velcro on ruffwear's life jacket. Love it. Very little sand stuck in the life jacket. Life jackets with velcro create a huge mess. Will go back to this life jacket over and over again! :)

Good quality, pleasing design and colors, sturdy

It fits my dog really well and the design is really well thought out and crafted. As expected of Ruffwear to produce practical and good quality products. Giving 4 stars because we have not tried it in the water yet, but I have no doubt it will work quite well. The colors are fantastic and gives summer vibes!

Great fit, super cute

Was expecting it to be smaller but it actually fit quite well for a 29kg dog with a deep chest. It still has enough allowance for it to be comfortable. Really good quality, and the print is just a great bonus. Delivery was quick, very happy with this purchase!


Quality Product, superb service.


Seriously, the best buy I have this year. I was always fumbling with my pup's stuff and treats when we went out on walks. No more of thay anymore, love this purchase!

irresistible prints and great fit (repeat purchase)

ive already gotten this raincoat in two other designs (XL) for my 16kg mini goldendoodle missy, and when shark attack came back in stock, i immediately carted it cos i am assured of its quality and fit. while this is realistically not a full coverage raincoat, it keeps most of Missy dry--head + main torso. If i put rainboots on her, then she just needs to shake off the wet butt and elbows ◡̈ highly recommended!

Simply The Best!

My dogs are Large and Extra Large and their poops are HUGE!! After using Earth Rated Poo Bags I wouldn’t use any others. The Earth Rated Poo Bags are big enough for one pick up of poops and it’s opaque so cannot see through the awful shit! Best of all it’s thick enough so you can’t smell the awfulness especially on the way to the bin when you have to walk pass people. No embarrassment at all. It also has the scented version. Quality is great! No leakages and doesn’t tear. Above these qualities Earth Rated Poo Bags is a Green product which will be good for people to support as an initiative to save and protect GIA. Earth Rated Poo Bags - Simply The Best!

Love This Leash!!

Bought this leash for my Golden Retriever boy’s 7th birthday and I can tell that he simply loves it because this leash is very long…2 metres! Hence he enjoys the freedom to roam further (sniffing away) yet feeling safe that I am holding onto him. I personally love this leash too as I love the freedom my dog is enjoying yet I am in control to pull him back whenever necessary. I also love the functionality of the leash where I can clip it round my body so that I hands are free to carry things or pick poo. I also like the easy function of being able to chain in onto a chair whenever we dine out. The wool mix texture of the leash is very comfortable to hold and it’s round plus slim enough for me to hold it tight as well as hold my phone in my hand. I like the feel of the texture and the ability to have the grip. Simply LOVE this product. It is definitely worth the price and it’s very durable. One of the best dog stuff I have bought for my furkid! Love It! Thank You Ginger & Bear for bringing in such awesome product for dogs!

Such a cute toy

Could not resist such a cute toy for my pup. Good for training nose work by hiding some treats between. Only wish there were 2 more octopus to increase the fun and challenge.

Perfect for Sunny Singapore

Thin, airy yet fluffy and durable mat for perfect Singapore weather. Easy to clean and transport to which ever corner of the house the pup wants.

Fun ball but material too thin

Fun ball that you can stuff toys to increase interaction time. However if your dog is a chewer, they may tear the ball easily. Other wise, fun time.

Super stylish!

Super sturdy yet lightweight, and a quality product through and through. Hweeling was super helpful when we were indecisive about the colours - chose Tumalo Teal in the end and no regrets! Front clip helps with pulling.

Compact and Functional

So happy with the hip pack! I was surprised by how much "essentials" fit into it. The easy-access pocket at the back is big enough to fit a large smartphone like an iPhone 11 Pro Max or a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The main compartment is big enough for a small wallet, another mobile phone and a small towel or reusable shopping bag. The small compartment in front can fit other small essentials like a small pack of tissue, earphones and a pen. I connected a carabiner to the side portion so that I could easily hang keys, a foldable water bowl and hand sanitizer. I use the small pouch on the other side to stash a few poop bags. Very useful not just when taking your dog out, but also when going out for errands.

It’s awesome!

I’ve been searching for the perfect harness for my Corgi and I’m so glad I found the perfect one. Really good quality, it’s lightweight and he seems to move more comfortably with it. So happy you guys ship to the Philippines.