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Hurtta rain blocker evo

What I like about this raincoat is the coverage it provides and the hind legs straps to keep it in place when the dog is running. While it is quite expensive compared to other brands, it does what it should do. A little downside is that it is not so easy to wear outside when you are caught in the rain as this involves putting your dog’s 2 front legs into the sleeves, close the zip & button the tapered sleeves. This can only be done if you wear it at home before you head out, but definitely not when you are outdoors caught in the rain. Thus I have 2 different types of rain coat. I brought along the easy wear type in my bag and this Hurtta I leave at home.

A Useful High Quality Harness

This leather harness is very refine - soft, smooth and comfortable. My cocker spaniel doesn’t resist wearing it unlike those uncomfortable ones which he will struggle putting on. I can see that he likes it, comfortable wearing it and very mobile cum agile in this harness. The feel of this harness is very good - I wish I can find leather shoes as comfortable as this harness.

Soft to bite

Soft to bite and cute

Trex Collection

Keep continue the collection

Trex Collection

Keep going to collect cute Rex

Christmas collection

Just in time for Christmas

Nice toy

As always nice design, soft fabric.

Squeaker is genius

I really like this pouch - it's a good size, has different types of pockets and the built in squeaker never fails to grab my dog's attention!

Love this!

This is very absorbent and is very well made.

Love this bowl!

Love the color and the quality of the bowl! G&B never disappoints!

Really love the light

Love it!

Great Dog Leash!

This Cloud7 leash is long enough for my pup to run and it’s comfortable for me to hold. The features of enabling me to sling round my shoulder or hook it around my waist are great when I am carrying things or picking poo. I can also hook it on a grilles when dinning out with my pup. It’s all the practical features I need in a dog leash and I simply love it’s cool colour. I also like it when it comes with matching collar and harness. Love this set of Cloud7 TIVOLI range.

Functional, Comfortable & Stylish Dog Harness

This Cloud7 dog harness is stylish, elegant and classy looking. And on my dog, it’s simply gorgeous and beautiful. My dog loves to wear the harness compared to his old one which I believe it’s because this Cloud7 harness is very comfortable and light weight. It is also very strong and sturdy for my strong pulling hunting puppy. Material and workmanship are excellent. My puppy wore it into the sea and swam in it. It’s just so perfect! Thank you Ginger & Bear for bringing this harness into our local market.

Perfect fusion of form and function

My dog loves it when I put this raincoat on her. I think she knows she looks very good in it. Of course there is also the important factor of protection from rain. She doesn't like the rain, not one bit. It's an excellent design with thoughtful details like the elastic straps that keep the back part of the raincoat secure and the cute two-colour collar that can be folded down when the rain is less heavy. She measures 22 inches around her chest and wears size S.

Will shop again at Ginger and Bear

Quality product, delivered quickly, sensibly priced and packaged with a personal touch. Ginger and Bear is now on our list of preferred suppliers for our dog’s needs. Thank you G&B!

Great harness

I bought a XS Lichen Green & a XS Salmon Pink for my Jack Russell Terriers and they are great! The best harness design I've come across so far, it's lightweight yet durable and strong, fits perfect to shape, especially good for hyperactive breeds like JRTs. Easy to wash and fast to dry, great colours to compliment the adventurous characteristics, and extremely functional with the different attachment points. Comes with a handle so it can be used on senior dogs too.

Great Gift For Pups! Nutritious Treats in Beautiful Packaging.

Given this as a birthday gift to a neighbour’s pup. The treats are highly nutritious as organ meats are packed with nutrients. Moreover the treats are deliciously tasty as my own pups have eaten them before and kept asking for more. Aromatic to me too :) And the packaging is so beautiful and presentable as a gift for a very special and loveable pup (my neighbour’s pretty chow!).

AWSOME Collar!

Very comfortable on my pup - he wears it willingly without struggle or fighting it.

Highest quality and workmanship on both feel and sight.

Aesthetically beautiful, elegant, stylish and classy.

I am really glad it came with this colour that matches my pup’s blue roan coat perfectly.

Thank you Ginger & Bear for bringing in such gorgeous products for pups.

Must buy

Absolutely love this harness. It’s light weight and it’s good for escape artist as there are 4 clips to the belly. For impact puller, the handle comes in handy to hold and control your furkids. Abit pricey but it’s totally worth it👍🏻👍🏻

So pretty

Pretty material and the opening is big - so it’s easier to pull out the poop bags.


Size is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. The color is lovely, material is soft & comfy . Glad my puppy like it 💕

My puppy love it

An absolutely beautiful snuggle bed. Decided to get largest size as my puppy can have toys and pillow in it with him. When it is flat, it is big enough for me to sit with my puppy, he love it that I snuggle with him ❤

Versatile & adjustable fit

Comfortable design especially with the ergonomic , flexible fit. Also there is plenty of room for snacks & bag. It has a strap or can be clipped directly on if you don’t have belt loops. Good in the rain too.

Tug toy

My dog got so excited with this new toy - maybe too excited! Unfortunately it didn’t last a day though. Good design but didn’t hold up with an aggressive chewer.

Ruffwear Dog Harness: Web Master Pro
Stephen Andersen
Great Harness but....

Bought this harness on promotion from Ginger and Bear, delighted with the speed of delivery and packaging. Very impressed with the company.
This harness is well cut, looks great and is of excellent quality. I had been pleased to see it had metal adjustment tabs however that is where the design suffers. Our french bulldog has about 14 harness's, (just slightly spoilt) all the other harnesses have clips that make putting it on easy. This one you loosen of the tabs, thread the dog in. Pull the tabs tight. Very awkward and time consuming to fit and remove. For a working dog, brilliant, for a 60 minute walk and remove purpose its not so great. Will use for longer park visits.