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Ginger And Bear

Ginger And Bear

From curated material to quality workmanship, GnB's take on stylish wear for pets.

Proudly made in Singapore

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Billie Jean, Dog BandanaBillie Jean, Dog Bandana
Billie Jean, Dog Bandana Sale price$28.00
Emily Jean, Dog BandanaEmily Jean, Dog Bandana
Emily Jean, Dog Bandana Sale price$28.00
Floral Neon Pink, Dog BandanaFloral Neon Pink, Dog Bandana
Garden Party Rose, Dog BandanaGarden Party Rose, Dog Bandana
Pineapple Daffodil, Dog BandanaPineapple Daffodil, Dog Bandana
Garden Party Lemon, Dog BandanaGarden Party Lemon, Dog Bandana
Pineapple Periwinkle, Dog BandanaPineapple Periwinkle, Dog Bandana