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nocat studio: Cuddle-guarantee, luxurious Nordic beauty products for dogs and cats

Introducing nocat studio.

We know what you are thinking. nocat?

No discrimination here. Let us explain. nocat studio has been inspired by Otis, the founder's 2-year-old dachshund, whom she loves to pieces. Being as short as he is, Otis compensates by always seeking to higher grounds. From there he sends a friendly bark to whoever passes by outside, whether it is a bird or a person, and as he lies there, constantly on the verge of falling down, he reminds her so much more of a cat than of a dog. As Otis lies on the armrest, no cat, just a 2-year-old rough-haired dachshund,
Like many animal lovers who find inspiration in their animals, Otis is the very inspiration of nocat studio, just by simply doing his thing, lying in that particular spot in their living room.


Just what is it about nocat studio?

Based in Denmark, founded by a team of dog loving people with a desire to celebrate dogs and a mission to deliver cuddle-guarantee, luxurious Nordic beauty products, without harmful chemicals for dogs to the world.



nocat studio's line of pet shampoos and grooming sprays are;

  • pH-balance; for the best efficacy and long term use
  • made from organic and natural ingredients with cuddle-guarantee scents
  • not tested on animals
  • made with vegan ingredients which are not tested on animals
  • carefully developed, such that they are free from harmful ingredients
  • made in Denmark

Shampoos and grooming sprays smell like newly washed linen in a bottle, that come in 3 undertone scents to deliver the cuddle-guarantee promise.

  • JORD; soft notes of Cedarwood, Moss and Patchouli
  • LUFT; soft notes of Ozonic Accord, Melon and Hawthorn
  • VAND; Rose, Musk and Jasmin

Talking about sustainability
All nocat products are;
  • vegan & cruelty-free
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • bottled in aluminum*, the most sustainable option fit for purpose.
  • all parts of the product (pump, bottle and stickers) are recyclable
* There is no limit to the number of times aluminium can be recycled, it also doesn’t lose its strength in the process. 

 Paying it forward

As a brand, nocat studio believes in the obligation to bring attention to good causes. As such, they are proud sponsors of the Mara North Conservancy Dog Project (MNC Dog Project) in Kenya. A portion of their sales proceeds are donated for vaccines and medical purposes.