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Just like how Ginger and Bear has been created for our Pack, Pawnosh was created for Cubby, the creator's rescued cat. Described as part dog and part human, Cubby is a elegant light-ginger cat with lovely blue eyes. 

With growing safety concerns around plastics, metal and ceramics foodware, Cubby's owners found no alternatives. They wanted something food-safe, durable and yet beautiful to look at. 

They resorted to creating something for themselves and later created Pawnosh, for all pet owners concerned enough for their furry family members. 

Pawnosh has three broad guiding principle:

1. Much of unwanted glass goes to landfills. Pawnosh intends to change that by repurposing glass into beautiful, functional pieces of art.

2. Lack of regulations around the material and chemicals used in most massed-produced pet accessories. Pawnosh intends to make a difference by producing truly safe and sustainable alternatives for our furry pals.

3.  The U.S. pet industry has been decimated with with offshoring, resulting in decline in expertise, skilled labour and US jobs. Pawnosh wants to change that by embracing and promoting american crafts.

Pawnosh represents its creators' effort towards positive change via personal responsibility. 

Ginger and Bear shares Pawnosh's principles and hopes to support their efforts. 

Pawnosh products are made in the U.S.A, non toxic and upcycled.

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Food and Water bowl: the Cubby in CeleryFood and Water bowl: the Cubby in Celery