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Found My Animal when its two founders met in Brooklyn while walking their rescued pups. While their pups sized each other up, their conversation soon revealed their common passion of animal welfare. One thing lead to another. The pair who shared both passion for good design, animal welfare and rescued pups of the same name, Walter, started Found My Animal. 

The design inspired by a fisherman in the family, the first three-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash was made in 2006. Until the present day, its dedicates itself to mission of good quality design and animal welfare. 

Found My Animal is a strong advocator of animal adoption in a direct way: let your pets wear your values. The individually-numbered tag on each FOUND leash serves as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow it to keep track of the number of animal it has helped so far. It supports animal welfare by encouraging rescue over purchase.