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Photography on iPhone with your dog and cat!

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[Update 3 March: slots with dogs are fully filled at the moment. What's available are slots without doggies. You may also opt to be on the waitlist.]

[When making a reservation, kindly provide your mobile number for purpose of your pet's details. Your booking will be on waitlist, until required information is received. We apologize for the inconvenience.]

Tell tale sign you are obsessed with your pet: Show me your phone and I will see more photos of your pet than anything else!

Pup-razzi parents, want to up your photo game with your fur babies?

Want to capture the perfect shot of your fur baby (no more blurry tails here!) And say goodbye to awkward angles and hello to endless pawto-shots. And make every picture a paws-itively memorable one!

Join us with the experts from the Apple Store for a session of useful tips and tricks to take awesome photos of your dog/cat with your iPhone.

Learn tips to show off special traits of your pet on photo. Feature them on the flattering backgrounds and lighting. Come prepared with your pet's favourite treats and toys, for a hands-on project! (yup, there is 'project', but a fun one!)

At the end of the session, bring home not only tips and tricks on photographing your favourite subject in the whole world, but also a fun and unforgettable outing with your pet to the Apple Store!

So sign up fast, for very limited spaces for pets are available!

For this opening session, each booking allows 1 pet.


29 March 2024, Friday

1030 am to 1130am


Apple Store, Orchard Road

Important considerations

* As venue is open to all members of the public, we would like to gently remind all attendees to keep dogs and cats leashed or in carriers at all times, and pick up after your dog or cat.

* arrive 10 to 15min earlier, to allow your pet to be accustomed to the environment

* toilet your dog (or cat) before attending the event

* bring along your pet's favourite treat or toy, to motivate them to be the best pawdels at the workshop!

* WE LOVE ALL DOGS. But in compliance with NParks' Second Schedule for this event, we regret to inform that dog breeds under this Schedule are not allowed at this event.

* To allow others a chance, if there are changes to your attendance after booking, kindly reach out to us at 88300938, to male changes.

* Fret not if you didn't manage to confirm a space. Just sign up for our waiting list. And we will reach out if there is any cancellations.

Number of Humans:
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Photography on iPhone with your dog and cat!
Photography on iPhone with your dog and cat! Sale price$0.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeslyn Woo
Highly recommended to other dog lovers

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop specifically aimed at improving photography skills using just an iPhone, with our furry friends as the subjects.

The instructor shared invaluable tips on how to best utilize the iPhone's camera features to capture stunning, professional-quality images of dogs. From understanding the importance of natural lighting to mastering the art of capturing action shots without blur, every aspect was covered in detail.

This workshop has significantly improved my photography skills and given me a newfound appreciation for the capabilities of the iPhone camera.

Yong Hui Shze Joey
Great event

It was really an enjoyable class run my Apple Store. The staff there are really welcoming and friendly. Many of them are dog lovers. The tips taught were really useful and easy to apply. Photos of my fur baby look so much nicer since the class. Thank you Ginger&bear for organising this and Hweeling for facilitating the event.

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