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Nosework Treat dispensing Dog Toy, Spicy Ramen

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Some call it Ramen. Some call it Ramyeon, Ramyun...

Have it your way. Vege-flavoured broth, add some spice or fragrant chili oil.

Here we recommend it doggie style. With treats! Yes, treats in Ramen.

Hide treats in the orange packaging. In the yellow noodles pouch. In the seasoning packets. The path to find treats is full of distractions (!) from the Crinkly packaging to  Plushy noodles. Hang on to the seasoning packets before they bounce back into the noodles pocket.

Pawrents, control the level of difficulty to encourage your dog or challenge so they won't get bored.

Level Easy, place treats near the orange packaging opening. Expose the yellow noodle pouch so doggies can pull it out easily. Use bigger and/or more treats, so chance of finding a treat improves.

Up the scale, hide them deep into the toy! For an even better challenge, hide the treats in the seasoning pockets! Stuff everything into the orange packaging and start play!

Stranded at home on a rainy day? Take out the Ramen toy and work those noses!

Stimulate those superb olfactory senses and get rewarded with treats.


* Bigger the treats, the easier it is!

* More treats, better chances!

* Start with noodles near opening of orange packaging. Expose yellow noodles pouch.

* Level up! Hide treats in yellow noodles pouch.

* Expert level! All-in: seasoning, noodles into the packaging.

* Dry treats work best. Scents from previous play to make search more challenging.

Let the sniffilicious fun begin!


* Relieves stress and boredom

* Sharpens senses

* Improves self esteem

* Helps eliminate tartar on teeth

Contents and details:

What's in the Ramen packet? Yellow noodles with 3 types of seasoning packets attached via stretchy bands. All inside an orange crinkly packaging.


7 by 6 by 3 inch


100% Lylex fabric

Caution: Play with any dog toy should be supervised at all times. Stop play once dog starts to tear toy apart. Remove any loose pieces. Introduce toy again later.

Cleaning instructions:

Place toy in small/fitting laundry bag to machine wash. Dry thoroughly.

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