2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Eco-conscious Dog

Going green seems to be the bark of the town.

A little step goes a long way. A little step towards believing treats can be as woofilicious and life can be as convenient while going green.

Curating the perfect eco-friendly ensemble for your pup!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Eco-Conscious Dog

1. Our organic peanut butter treat: "Nuts About You" are made from ingredients 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free! It is Vegan!

 2. Sustainability is the buzzword. As hemp can be harvested sustainably, the fabric made from hemp is one of the most eco-friendly, strongest and durable natural textile there is. Dog walking is now as stylish and eco-friendly, with our Hemp Harness and Hemp Leash from SeeScoutSleep.


3. Because it is reported a vegan diet leaves the least carbon footprint. While you may not love vegetables, play with some! Garden Fresh vegetables and fruits come in Original and Mini versions, plush and squeaky! What's more, plush fillings are made from recycled plastic, giving it a new lease of life and keeping it away from landfills.

4. Like a regular health check up, your dog (or cat) may need an eye check! Eye chart for dogs (and cats) is made from recycled paper, 100% post-consumer waste that is processed chlorine free. It is acid-free and printed with vegetable ink.

5. One of our favourites, the Zorra bowls (in Ocean and Pear), made with recycled glass. Not only is glass the safest foodware, items made with recycled glass saves 20 to 30% energy and with no additional waste nor by-products, compared to new glass.

6. Kevin the Koala is made with hemp, outisde and stuffing on the inside! And he comes with a squeaker of course..

7. Because dog waste is not fertilizers. Picking up after your pets has just become more sensible. With our Earth Rated Compostable Vegetable-based Dog Waste Bags, you can be sure both the dog waste and their bags will not add more pollutants to the earth.

Co-written with Ben Lim