Poop Bag roll refill: Vegetable-based Compostable


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  • Poop Bag roll refill: Vegetable-based Compostable
  • Poop Bag roll refill: Vegetable-based Compostable
  • Poop Bag roll refill: Vegetable-based Compostable

Do you know pet waste is considered a dangerous pollutant? In the same category as oil!

Dog poop doesn't just go away with the rain. Harmful bacteria lingers long after poop disappears.. So please pick up after your pets!

Bring environmental consciousness further, this Earth Rated vegetable-based refill pack meets the ASTM D6400 guidelines, and offers an excellent alternative to the green-coloured poop bags. This unscented poop bags can be disposed in municpal compost environment, where pet waste is accepted.

This refill pack comes with 4 rolls of 15 Poop bags each. 60 bags in all.

Nobody likes poop on their hands. The bags measure 13" by 9" and come extra thick and tough!

Comes unscented.

Know why picking up after your dog is good for the environment.

How to use and store the bags.

Use on its own or with our green bag dispenser!

Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Use the bags within a year of purchase.


We are so pleased to introduce this line of green poop bags for its eco-friendliness. 

Poop bag material contains additive to allow its breaking down quickly, unlike traditional plastic bags. Roll cores are made from recycled material. Manufacturer donates poop bags that do not meet consumer quality standards to dog shelters. Excess production material will be recycled or reused for future production.

We love this product also because its people love dogs and cares to give back. It supports fundraising and adoption activities of local shelters and independent rescuers through product donations across the United States.



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