2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs: Stocking Fillers

When your gifting list includes your dog's friends!

Holiday Gift Guide Stockign Fillers for Dogs Ginger and Bear

1. For the best cuddles, Moses the Brown Moose

2. For the stylish pup, Country Plaid Bandana Flannel

3. For the well-groomed pup, Rise and Shine Coat Conditioner for Dogs

4. For the food motivated, Wobble toy Red Holiday Edition Treat Dispensering toy for Dogs

5. For the fun-loving pup, the MINI American Classic squeaky plush toys for Dogs

6. For the well-prepared pup, Licorice poop bag dispenser

7. For the active pup who loves some good action, Pacific Loop tug and float toy for Dogs

8. For the food motivated pup who also loves a game of fetch, Gnawt-a-Rock Interactive Food Dispensing and Fetch toy for Dogs

9. For the eco-friendly and well prepared food, 60-count Moderm Kanine Dog Waste Bags with 3 Refill Rolls and Dispenser

10. For the discerning food connoisseur pup, Poultry in a Pear Tree Christmas Dinner Treats for Dogs


Holiday Gift Guide Stocking Fillers 2019 for Dogs Ginger and Bear1. For the best cuddles and squeaky good fun, Duncan the Duck squeaky plush toy for Dogs

2. For the stylish, chic pup, Cornfield bandana for Dogs

3. For lovers of all sea creatures, Holly the Whale squeaky plush toy for Dogs

4. For the Boss, Dog Collar Charm

5. For lovers of Denim, Dark Denim Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

6. For the holiday party animal, Holiday Classic squeaky plush toys for Dogs

7. For the snacking and food motivating pup, Training Sausage Treats Tuna and Crab for Dogs

8. For Turquoise lover and well prepared pup, Wildebeest Funston Dog Waste Baggie Dispenser

9. For the chic pup, Chloe Bow tie (collar) for Dogs

10. For the discerning food connoisseur pup, Christmas Sausage Treat Collection (for Dogs