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Article: Gift guide for Dogs in Lunar Year of the Pig

Gift guide for Dogs in Lunar Year of the Pig
Gift Guide

Gift guide for Dogs in Lunar Year of the Pig


For this Year of the Pig, we round up the dog gear to bring good luck, treats to feed the furry greedy 'piggies', and anything in between to attract the prosperity gods.

Dog Collar Charm: Rub my belly for good luck

It's all about good luck, happiness and prosperity during Lunar New Year. Who can resist good luck for something simple in return? Check out all our charms to make sure you get your message across!


Furry Chef treats: Beta Carotene Boost, Soothing Beets, Peanut Butter Bites

Lunar New Year's code colours, red and orange! When visiting friends and relatives, bring two orange canisters of Beta Carotene Boosts or Soothing Beets to symbolize good luck and prosperity! While humans are snacking on peanuts and melon seeds, be sure to bring your canister of Peanut Butter Bites! Check out all colourful biscuits!


Lucky Money Packets

Because generosity begets generosity. For that added festivity and celebration, gift a wish of a safe and peaceful year, with a designer money packet! Check out the Lucky Money Packets!


Jamie Bowl, Red

Abundance! The Jamie Red bowl to hold all your daily nom noms in the Year of the Pig. What a way to pig out!

Holly Bow Tie

Lux Red Velvet, the Bow Tie of statement. Put on the Holly Bow Tie to usher in the abundance, luck and prosperity! And you might just receive a few more Lucky Money Packets.

Red and Gold collar and leash

Immerse in festive cheers, with the colours of red and gold, the unmistakable symbols prosperity and good luck! Check out Red Gold collar and leash!

Sausages for Dogs

It is a Chinese tradition to include LupCheong (cured/preserved meat sausages) in festive feasting. Fret not, doggies! Because this time, you'll get it. Celebrate Yer of the Pig with these single protein, grain-free and hypoallegenic Sausages for Dogs.


Eco Crab and Lobster dog toy

While humans feast sumptuous seafoods and meats, perhaps a Red eco Crab and Lobster will appease your need to join in the feasting.

Cubby food bowl in Tangerine

What can be more festive than to feast in a lucky orange bowl? The Cubby bowl is upcycled and recyclable, and made from glass which is the safest foodware there is.

Dog T-shirts

Lunar New Year is a time for new clothes, to symbolize new start and fresh beginnings!

Rose Garden


Butterfly Lovers


Dog Rope Leash in Red

Bright red lead for walkies in 2019! Light weight and comfortable on the hands. Check out the red lead.

Bundle: Penny the Pig and Sheldon the Dog

We send away the Year of the Dog and usher in the Year of the Pig. To remember 2018 and look forward to 2019, for a limited time, bring home Penny the Pig and Sheldon the Dog can follows at 25% off! Enter code YEAR_OF_THE_PIG upon checkout.

猪朋狗友?We are just besties with a common love for pigging out.



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