Rugged Wrist Hudson Dog Collar: Gold and Red Rope

Neck Size:
Rope thickness:

The Gold and Red Dog Collar is skilfully handcrafted, with marine grade ropes originally used for sailing and yachting, and brass hardware. The bright red rope, accented with gold whip, is a lovely reminder of the sparkle and shine of the year-end festive decorations, as well as the pursue of luck and prosperity during the lunar new year festivities. We love it because its brilliance and intensity lightens up every room.

To complete the look, the Red and Gold collar comes with matching leash.


* Fixed, exact size collar, not adjustable

* Hand-washable with water and mild dog shampoo

* Hand-crafted in Excelsior, a city on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States.

* Neck sizes on Standard: [XS]12", [S]14", [M]16", [L]18",  [XL]20"

* Neck sizes on Petite: [PXS]10", [PS]11", [PM]12", [PL]13",  [PXL]14"

* Rope Thickness: Standard 3/8 in (~1cm); Petite 1/4 in (~0.6cm)

Whipping is a technique used in marine industry as far as back as the 1300s, to bind objects that are subject to rough service. Twine whips in these Rugged leashes provide exception strength and durability.


Measure your pet's neck size, not the current collar.

Why we love these leashes, collars and their human accessories is their creators are dog lovers too who contribute positively to the dog community. 

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