Dog T-shirt: Butterfly Lovers


In a mood for love.

That fluttery feeling on a soft peach-coloured base.

Light weight, soft to the touch and stretchy, the Butterfly Lovers dog or cat t-shirt is comfy and made for the warm climate and the active doggie.

Crafted with access to harness on the back.


Main: 100% polyester

Trim: Bamboo rayon

Washing instructions: hand wash recommended or gentle machine wash in small laundry bag.

Designed and Made in USA. 

Available in five sizes:

Size Back (cm) Neck (cm) Girth (cm) Breed (general guide)
XS 20 to 25 18 to 20 28 to 30
Small Chihuahua, teacup
S 25 to 28 20 to 22 32 to 35
Chihuahua, Maltese
M 28 to 30 24 to 28 37 to 43
Toy Poodle
L 33 to 38 30 to 34 44 to 54
Jack Russell, small frenchie
XL 40 to 45 35 to 47 55 to 63
Shiba Inu, frenchie


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