Valetine's Day Gift Guide for Dogs

Here at Ginger and Bear, our dogs taught us we should not wait to express our affection to our loved ones. If you think you are not doing enough of that, Valentine's day is the time to do it. We round up some of our favourite gear for dogs and human to make sure your dog and human family, friends know you are thinking of them!


Puppy Love Dog toys

Celebrate the best friendship in the world with the Puppy Love Plushies.

Perry Street Collar

Dress up in a lovely pink collar made form Italian leather. What better occasion to wear Pink?

Glitter Pink bow tie

Add that bling to the party with the Glitter Pink bow tie.

My Puggy Valentine Enamel Pin by Gemma Correll

Wear the Puggy Valentine Pin on your tote, collar or shirt!

I Like You Enamel Mug

If you can't say it, use this mug!


Dog mom, Dog dad enamel pins

Let your Dog moms and Dog dads know they are appreciated and loved.

Greeting cards

It cannot get any more special. Put your words in a card. Not text or email.

Browse Valentine's cards.