Dog Mom Gift Guide on Mother's Day

'Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother' ~ Oprah Winfrey

For the mom who prepares the daily meals, makes sure we get the right supplements and medication, gathers all the essentials in the weekend outing bag, tidies up toys from the floor. Someone who believes it's not a home without fur kids, works hard so that we can have a good life. On this special day, it's time to treat her to something extra special. If you are the person, treat yourself! We gather our favourite goodies for the dog mom.

For the mama who loves a bouquet. And a bottle of bubbles and squeaky hearts.

Puppy Love plushie

For the Mother of Dragons (or dogs), who support the fight for the throne.

Mythical Creatures plushies

For the mom who has high aspirations for her pups.

Back to School plushies

For the mom who's starting to look like their dogs

Best In Show totes

For the very organized momsy

Pouches. Bags.

For the mom who loves indoor activities with their pups and beefing up their mental abilities.

Knauder's Best Sniff and Search pads

For the outdoorsy, on-the-go mom who likes to bring her dog everywhere

Training pouch. Outdoor chill pads. Toys.

For the mom who loves good books and good art

Books. Prints.


For the mom who loves to cook