We are Tight: Dog Harness, Cherry Twizzle


We are tight, our dogs and us. 

'We are tight', the leash that connects our dogs with us. Fully hand crafted from German climbing rope and Buttero, Italian leather. Its handle is formed using a figure of eight loop, and can be retied to suit individual handlers.

The textile of the rope has been processed with heat treatment to make a durable, long-lasting leash, without compromising the original feel and texture of the rope. Outer layer of the textile has been weaved using a bobbin. These ropes are produced in limited editions with texture and colour varying annually. 

Given the hand crafted nature of the leash, subtle variations may occur in each piece. Leather softens with time and usage. 

Wear that complete look with matching collars!

Collar and hardware are made in South Korea.


Rope surface and inner threads: 100% polyamide nylon

Country of origin: Germany

100% Buttero, Italian leather

Country of origin: Italy


Small: Back (95mm), Neck (280 to 380mm), Girth (325 to 415cm)

Medium: Back (115mm), Neck (300 to 440mm), Girth (380 to 480cm)

Large: Back (150mm), Neck (330 to 550mm), Girth (420 to 600cm)

HowlPot We are Tight Harness


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