Sun Shield Tee shirts for Dogs and Cats, Roses and Bones (Limited Edition)


No frills. Just comfort and UV-protection.

The Sun Shield Tee is made with silky soft lightweight stretch jersey with a UPF-50 rating that blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays. No chemical treatment, just a mechanical property of the yarn, so protection would not diminish with regular washing.

Ultra comfortable to wear indoors and and smart, presentable outfit to wear out. Perfect for practical applications beyond sun protection, such as skin conditions, wound care, topical medication and as a anti-anxiety calming aid that can worn all day in our weather.

It reduces heat absorption! Tested on manufacturer's black Labrador retriever, Luke, out in the sun with a infrared thermometer. His fur with the tee was lower than in temperature than without (40degF). Want more cooling effect, wear the Tee damp or slightly wet for the evaporative cooling effect.

Made in USA. Fabric from USA.

Best uses:

* sun protection

* regulating body temperature

* indoor / outdoor wear

* protection skin conditions or wounds

* regulates mild anxiety

* worn under harnesses to reduce chaffing


Fitting tips:

* the center chest seam is meant to be worn on the outside for maximum comfort especially in that tender area

* best worn fitting

* best worn under the harness with no adjustment needed


Washing instructions:

* hand-wash or machine wash in small laundry bag, tumble dry low or hang to dry

The SunShield Tee fabric:

An ultra smooth, lightweight, breathable athletic jersey that features a UPF 50+ rating and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. This is achieved through a tight mechanical weave, so sensitive skin won't react to a chemical wash. It significantly reduces heat absorption by reflecting heat away from the body, and is efficient at wicking away moisture. A soothing and cool to the touch feel.



Size Girth (cm) Weight (kg) Approx. Length (neck to start of tail)cm Breed (example)
8 31 to 43  ~ 2 to 3 32 Maltese
10 36 to 50 ~ 3 to 4  36 Mini Pinscher
12 41 to 55 ~ 4 to 6
41 Mini Dachshund
14 46 to 60 ~ 5 to 8
46 Jack Russell Terrier
16 51 to 66 ~ 7 to 12 51 Cocker Spaniel
18 56 to 71 ~ 10 to 18 55 Whippet
20 61 to 76 ~ 15 to 25 60 Vizsla
22 66 to 81 ~ 18 to 27 65 Pitbull
24 71 to 86 ~ 23 to 34 70 Boxer
26 77 to 91 ~ 29 to 41 75 Greyhound
28 82 to 96 ~ 34 to 43 80 German Sherpherd
30 86 to 101 ~ 39 to 45 88 Great Dane


How to measure your dog

Take 1 tape measure and 1 dog (and maybe some treats).

Measure neck size for collars

Take measurement round the base of neck, with 2 fingers slag (UC). Then choose the collar size to match the measurement.

(Do not measure old collar.)

Measure girth for harness / apparel

Take measurement of the largest part of the chest (LC).

Girth is slightly behind the fore legs (not at the fore legs, 'arm pits').

Then choose the gear that matches your measurements.

Measure torso for apparel

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (L).

Choose the apparel that matches your measurements.


If you need further help in choosing the right size, please feel free to contact us woof [at]


We are confident you or your furry family member would be happy with our merchandise and service. We work hard to ensure the quality or the merchandise we present here. If for some reason you are not, we'd be happy for an exchange.

Merchandise should be in original packing and re-sellable condition, unused and undamaged.  Exchanges should be made within 14 days from date of delivery and please allow 14 days for processing exchanges. Customers are responsible for charges that arise due to exchanges (such as delivery / shipping). Faulty items due to production/manufacturing will either be replaced or refunded as appropriate to the circumstances. Email us at woof [at] with the order number and relevant details.

We reserve the right to deny any exchanges that do not meet exchange policy.

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