Postcard: Nice Nosing You!

Greeting cards:

Noodles, Scout and Ioli show off their most distinctive feature! Their Nose!

Photography by Elke Vogelsang. 

Postcard printed on heavy cardstock, with format for greetings and address on back of card. Envelope included.

[Size ~ 10.3cm by 20.8cm]

Distinctively made in Germany.

Ginger and Bear is pleased to feature Elke's images of 3 of her adopted, faithful "photography companion dogs". Noodles, Scout and Ioli are very dear members of Elke's family, in an extraordinary way.

Noodles and Scout are girls of Galgo Espanol mixes. Noodles was rescued from a kill shelter in Spain, while Scout was found with her siblings next to their dead mother. Ioli whose mother was from a kill shelter in Spain, was born in Germany.

Not only are the photographs full of character, Elke is also an advocate for adoption and supports animal protection organizations.

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