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P.L.A.Y. 90s Classic Squeaky Plush Dog toys, 90s are Calling

Sale price$18.00

[For purchase of the 90s Classic bundle of 5 toys, please enter code 'BUNDLE_90S' at check out for 10% discount.]

It is a decade of Friends sitcom, Tamagotchi and Boy bands. The 90s shows a glimpse of how we get to where we are now. Movie night, rent a VHS tape of ultra-hip Pup Fiction movie. Call your bestie on a block phone, something which will not fit into your back pocket. Play a game of Super Momo Brothers on a hand-held electronic console, Game Bone. Hop onto your Kickflippin' Skateboard, a cool and useful form of transport. Grab your bud for a jam session on your electronic guitar, for Rock'n Rollover ballads.

90s are Calling

Have your people call my people.

Back then, only the selected carried block phones. Now, have yours and squeak it too! Built-in tube-squeaker and crinkle, means you don't have to look hard for that satisfying squeak! or a response to your call.

Kickflippin' K9

You don't have to be a bull-dog to be a skate-boarding star! Show off your moves. When Ollie is too basic. Shuvit! Airwalk! Laser Flip! Or invent new moves, like the SqueakFlip, Crinkl-It with a Box Squeaker and Crinkle in this Kickflippin' K9 skateboard.

Rock'n Rollover

Been playing air guitar on your ribs? Now with the Rock'n Rollover guitar, you can jam and howl your way to your mama's heart. With a Tube Squeaker and crinkle, the Rock'n Rollover guitar is designed with the hardrock pooch in mind. Comes with a Bungee rope, this squeaky guitar may be worn round a small pooch's neck.

Game Bone

Slot the cartridge in the console for a game of Super Momo Brothers. Squeak the super box squeaker and crinkle to power up and become Super Momo. Play fetch, traverse along, and you might just find bonus treats inside!

Woofbuster video

Movie night, pop in your favourite movie. Pup-fiction perhaps. Our all-time favourite comes with a super-sized squeaker and crinkly tape sleeve.


So much to reminisce. So little time. Can't decide which snack to take now? Bundles come with 10% off!

 Approximate Size:

90s Classic
Approximate Size (cm)
25 by 13 by 10
Block Phone
8 by 6 by 27
Electric Guitar
38 by 7 by 6
VHS Tape
5 by 11 by 18
Game Boy
19 by 11 by 7



* Hand-crafted, double layer and double-stitched edges for extra durability

* Eco-friendly PlantFill (R) filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles

* Contains AZO-free dye

* Machine washable and dryer friendly


Why Ginger and Bear loves these toys.

P.L.A.Y was born out of necessity, to find the best bed for its creators' furry bundle of joy, Momo the Pug. From beds to toys, their products are made with our furry family in mind. They are designed with a little twist, a little quirkiness and into something that we would want in our living room or bedroom. The team is serious about caring for the environment. Beds and toys are filled with PlanetFill (R) polyfibre that come from post consumer recycled plastic bottles. In 2015, P.L.A.Y. was upgraded from Silver to Gold by Green America's Green Business Certification Programme. The team believes in giving back by partnering International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and fronts the Warm Bellies Initiative by contributing mats to shelter animals.

P.L.A.Y. 90s Classic Squeaky Plush Dog toys, 90s are Calling
P.L.A.Y. 90s Classic Squeaky Plush Dog toys, 90s are Calling Sale price$18.00

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