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Orbiloc Dual LED Dog Safety Light, Green

Sale price$48.00

Follow the light because your dog carries it!

The Orbiloc Dual is a high quality LED dog safety light for collars, harnesses and jackets.

Used in low light conditions, making your dog visible in the dark. So drivers of cars, scooters and cyclists can adjust their speed early and approach carefully.

Helpful in keeping track of your dog in low light conditions. The Dual is visible from up to 5km, 100% waterproof (IPX8), impact resistant and withstand extreme temperatures, making it well suited for wilder adventures!

To ensure top quality, the Orbiloc Dog Dual is manufactured in Orbiloc's own factory in Aarhus, Denmark. With this, Dual lights are offered with 3-year warranty in electronics and lens of the light.

The light is turned on and off by turning the mode selector, and in the same way, it is switched from flashing to constant light.

Via the Adjustable strap, the light can be easily attached to most collars and harnesses.

Choose the right colour!

GREEN: Green light is known to enhance night vision, and helps intensify contrast. The human eye perceives the green colour above any other colour. Through Millenia, humans have interacted in the natural world where green in the predominant colour. Therefore evolution dictates our preference for the colour green. This makes the green light an optimal colour for wanting to be noticed in any setting. Green is also good in sunlight and bright weather, and is known to have a calming effect.


  • 5 km visibility
  • 100% waterproof (IPX8)
  • 100 kg impact resistant
  • 50 ° C to -40 ° C temperature resistant
  • Made in Denmark
  • 3-year warranty (see more at
  • two functions (flashing and constant light)
  • battery life: 100 h (constant light) to 250 h (flashing)

Box contents:

* Orbiloc Safety Light 

* Quick Mount Adjustable Strap

* Orbiloc Service Tool

* User manual

* Battery pack (2 x CR2032 batteries)

Note: For small dogs, the Orbiloc Clip is recommended, while the Orbiloc Caribiner is recommended for large dogs or dogs with long fur. Both Clip and Caribiner can be bought as accessories.

For more information, check out tabs below for guides in usage, colour and available attachments for suit your activities.


Orbiloc Dual LED Dog Safety Light, Green
Orbiloc Dual LED Dog Safety Light, Green Sale price$48.00

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