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Lucy&Co Reversible Raincoat for Dogs, Over the Rainbow

Sale price$68.00

Has the weather gone bonkers again?!

Style up a gloomy day, wear a Over The Rainbow raincoat. Deep blue or baby blue, it's reversible. Light-weight, easy to carry around, ready to brave the elements.

Fear no wet blanket on your weekend outings when you have the Lucy&Co Rain Coat on hand!

Water-resistant zip closures and leash clasp opening on the backside of the coat.


* Reversible

* Water-repellent nylon fabric

* Zipper flap to keep water out

* Opening for leash clasp on back

* Cut to avoid doggie messes

* Machine wash, dry clean and hand dry.

    Lucy&Co Reversible Raincoat for Dogs, Over the Rainbow
    Lucy&Co Reversible Raincoat for Dogs, Over the Rainbow Sale price$68.00

    Customer Reviews

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    Sheryl Chen
    irresistible prints and great fit

    i have been in the market for a suitable raincoat and finally settled on this one despite the fact that all four legs are going to be exposed because of the irresistible prints and the reversible quality of the raincoat (i can go fun with the prints or classy with the solid color side). furthermore, the fit is suitable because if i followed my dog's neck size, i would still get decent back coverage (i.e., the length was long enough to cover most of her back). Having tried it, I found that i was able to put it on and take it off easily. The only minus would be the fact that her legs would still get wet in a rain/storm, but her undercarriage remained mostly dry, so that is a reasonable trade-off for the good fit. I would actually continue to purchase more pieces if more designs were available in my dog's size.

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