Doggy-Do Bag Felt


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  • Doggy-Do Bag Felt
  • Doggy-Do Bag Felt
  • Doggy-Do Bag Felt
  • Doggy-Do Bag Felt

Never leave home without it!

The Doggy-Do Bag is both stylish and sensibly-designed. Made from light grey felt, it is a poop bag dispenser featuring three buttons affixing 3 flaps. Buttons come in either gold or silver coloured. Your choice!

Poop bag refills can be easily inserted into the Doggy-Do via either the side or top flaps, and fastened with buttons. Poop bags are dispensed through a slit on the main flap. Carry it around with ease by looping the handle of your doggie carrier or dog-walking bag through the Doggy-Do. 

Each Doggy-Do comes with a starter refill roll of poop bags.

Fabric: 100% wool 

[Felt is made by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. It can be made from natural fibres such as wool or synthetic fibres.]

Colour: Light grey wool with gold or silver coloured buttons.

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