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Dog Toy: Wally the Wombat

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Meet Wally the Wombat! Another marsupial, yet so different from the Kangaroo!

Don't mistook Wally's cutesy appearance. The shy, vegetarian Wombat's best defence is its posterior. Yes his bump bump, from predators like Tasmanian devils and dingos.

Guess what, Wombat's pouch faces backwards so allowing extra protection and mothers to dig without scooping dirt into joeys' home! What's not to love about the Wombat!

Here, Wally is a pouch-ful of fun and soooo eco friendly! Braided with natural wool over a recycled water, Wally smells of natural wool and sounds crunchy.

Wool has been coloured with natural vegetable dye. Wally is safe, non toxic and strong for the enthusiastic gnawers. 


*Made from strong and durable braided wool. 

*Built in recycled water bottle creates excitement when chewed

*Coloured with natural vegetable dye

* 100% non toxic

Wally measures 18cms long x 6cms wide

(No matter how strong the toy, it is always necessary to monitor dog's play.)

 What we also love:

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of OutBack Tails products will be donated to various Australian native animal charities by our Australia maker, doing their bit to protect the fragile animal habitats.

Dog Toy: Wally the Wombat
Dog Toy: Wally the Wombat Sale price$19.00 Regular price$22.00

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