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Dog Sniff and Search Interactive Nosework Puzzle Game, Sniff Pad Elements

Sale price$128.00

Bored? Stuck at home on a rainy day? Go on a indoor Sniffari !!

Introducing the Sniff Pad Elements!

Satisfy your dog's desire to sniff and snoop.

Handcrafted entirely with high quality polar fleece and thoughtfully designed to stimulate your dog's senses, the Sniff Pad Elements has both obvious and obscure treat hiding places. Make it easy for a start and progress when your dog is ready.

Designed with foldable sleeves at each corner of the sniff pad, the Sniff Pad Elements comes with four sets of flaps and pockets configured differently. Fold, roll stack the treats into the flaps. Place treats in the sleeves. Level up, roll treats into the sleeves. Variations are limitless, encouraging your creativity to challenge and keep it fun and interesting for your dog. Suit it to your dog's patience and/or level of scent detection ability.

You're right, play with your dog. Be next to your dog when he/she plays, to encourage, give hints and praise. A mere 7 to 10 minutes of play is enough to significantly develop your dog’s cognitive and sniffing skills. 

Sniff Pad Elements is a 'nose'-bloggling puzzle toy to hide treats and entertain your dog.

The sniff and search game is a great way to train and beef up your dog's senses, especially helpful for dogs who are sensitive or allergic to grass mites. For rainy days when going outdoor impractical, the game keeps boredom away!

The Sniff Pad Elements is perfect for dogs of any age, or constitution to have a fun and satisfying game! Even for dogs with disabilities and limited range of motions can benefit from this stimulating game. Terrified / traumatized dogs have the opportunity to celebrate a great sense of achievement in their small safety zone.

It can be used with all kinds of treats, but we personally feel dry treats will be the best in our climate.

Doubles up as an activity and sleeping mat!

Size and Material

* Size: 80cm by 50cm

* Material: made entirely with high quality Polar Fleece, 100% polyester

Clean instructions:

Machine-washable at 40degC, in laundry bag. But the less you wash, the more your dog needs to search, making the game more challenging!

Suitable for drier.

Hnadrcrafted in Germany

Some benefits and features we really love:

  • Conditioning for tracker and rescue dogs
  • Suitable for treatment of nervous dogs
  • Boosts self-confidence through quick success
  • Helps develop trust in anxious or rescued dogs
  • Boosts attentiveness for dog sports
  • Improves mental conditioning and concentration for mantrailing
  • Handicapped or injured dogs benefit from the limited search area
  • Satisfaction for dogs with grass-mite allergies
  • Type-appropriate olfactory challenge
  • Lots of fun for your four-legged friend at work or play
  • Type-appropriate challenges and satisfaction with the minimum time input
  • A pleasant distraction for dogs who are afraid of the fireworks on New Years Eve
  • Scent detection satisfaction for your four-legged friends both large or small

    What we love about Knauder's Best, all products are highly recommended by experts and trainers; and thoughtfully designed and tailored with strict quality to cater to the needs of our furry companion.

    Unique in the market. Protected design by KNAUDER'S BEST.

    Dog Sniff and Search Interactive Nosework Puzzle Game, Sniff Pad Elements
    Dog Sniff and Search Interactive Nosework Puzzle Game, Sniff Pad Elements Sale price$128.00

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