Dog Lead: Black Rope


Making Tails Wag..

Not only do these leads make tails wag, they make us smile too. Ginger and Bear loves HindQuarters' smart and sleek design.

The Black Rope Dog Lead is a strong and sturdy lead made from sleek, black sailing rope. Its soft cotton texture make it so comfortable to hold. 

The rope is chew-proof 10mm (and 8mm for slim version) ply rope, with strengthened core and cotton ply outer. Ends trimmed with black leather. Use it every day, every occasion, all terrains, all weather!

Hardware is a sleek, swivel snap clasp made from marine grade stainless steel which is ultra light and easy to use. It has an amazing breaking load of 825kg. It is designed with ease and safety in mind, and exclusive to HindQuarters brand of rope leads.

Hardware is knotted in place with a secure Angler's loop. The handle is fixed with a Figure of Eight Bend knot.

Go rugged with it. Shower-proof, hang dry when wet. When dirty, machine wash with it inserted in socks or small laundry bag, with gentle cycle at 40 deg celsius or below.

Lead is approximately 1m long for the standard version and 1.2m for the slim version.

Handmade in UK. 

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