Cloud7: Tivoli Dog Harness in Canvas Leather, Olive


The Tivoli series of Dog leash, harness and collar is one of a kind, stylish leash hand crafted from robust cotton canvas and fine Italian leather. This, combined with fine stitching and high quality metal hardware gives the Tivoli series a sporty look.

The Tivoli harness is easy to wear, simply put it over your dog's head and buckle from under the girth. Styled like the saddle harness, the Tivoli comes with a handle where the ring attaches to leash and for handlers to closely guide the dog in tight situations.

Sized for puppies to adult dogs.

Fabric: 85% cotton, 15% polyester

Leather: 100% cowhide leather

Hardware: Stainless steel

Girth Sizes (cm):

Size Chest cm Width cm
 XS 44 to 52 2.0
S 49 to 57 2.0
M 55 to 62 2.0
L 60 to 68 2.5
XL 69 to 77 2.5
XXL 78 to 86 2.5


Going out in Style. With the Cloud7 Collars & Leash Collections the dog may get a few jealous looks from his mates when strolling around in the world‘s most elegant parks.

About Cloud7

Based in Berlin, the philosophy of Cloud7 revolves around eco-friendliness and fair trade. To us, it also spells quality, design. Understated style with premium quality material and workmanship is the result of the brand's passion for design and the love for dogs. From the material quality to being German crafted, the best reflection of eco-friendliness is a outcome of durability and graceful aging.


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