Chelsea Collar - Navy


This range of stylish, classic collars and leashes have been inspired by the sights, culture and pooches (!) of New York City. With vibrant range of colours and textures, these collars and leashes are a reflection of the rich and lively diversity of New York City. 

They are proudly handcrafted in Manhattan with quality, hand-selected Italian leather and full brass hardware. Workmanship is meticulous with every effort to ensure durability and design. A unique texture is custom embossed for each colour collar.

For care and maintenance, use damp cloth to clean off dirt when necessary.

To ensure good fit, please measure your dog's neck, rather than the old collar.

Sizing chart

What's even cooler: WoofNewYork are too dog lovers with a social mission to encourage adoption and sterilization, and give back to the needy dogs. A portion of sales proceeds is donated to Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit animal welfare organization in the U.S..

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