Book: We Adopted!


Every dog has his tale to tell.

We Adopted! is a collection of dog adoption stories by Daniel Boey. The book advocates the belief, 'Adopt. Don't Shop' and second chances.

Daniel, who is a leading and pioneer home-grown fashion designer, is a living example of such belief. Together with his adopted ex-breeding Weimaraner-Doberman cross, Leia are now actively giving back to the dog community and joining in the effort to spread the belief.

The book is a display of beautiful pictures with a fashion slant, and collection of  successful adoption stories. The road that leads to a home is not an easy one for these dogs, rescuers as well as adopted families. For some, we may never know the precise past of these dogs and it is a story only the dog will know. But we embrace their resilience and ability to forgive. 

This book is an excellent gift for a dog-loving friend and a keep-sake.

Ginger and Bear will be directing all proceeds ($40) of the sale of this book to our supporting shelter, Animal Lovers League.

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