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Dog Toy: Recycled Bones and Balls

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Second chances.. This recycled line of bones and balls has been reborn out of "regrind" - 100% 1st quality pliable rubber material left-over from making other toys, that would have been otherwise discarded. This way, wastage is kept to the minimal.

Since these are made from left-over colour scraps, the colours most commonly seen are purple, green, grey.  But we are sure your pooch will like whichever colour there is!

Value-pack comes with 2 balls attached to a rope. You could remove one of the balls or play tug, fetch with both balls attached.

* Buoyant

* Non-toxic

* Minty

* Made in U.S.A.

It cleans by simply rinsing.

Dog toys are not indestructible, please be reminded to monitor your dog's play.

Recycled Durability scale Size (cm)
Bone Medium 16 (long)
Ball High 8.3
Value-pack (2 balls attached to rope) High 6.3


Your purchase of this toy goes a long way for dogs in need. Manufacturer of this range of toys donates 2% from each and every sale through their non-profit foundation which in turn provides cash grants to respected and effective non-profit organizations that train, place and support working dogs. These dogs visit and comfort to sick children in hospitals, and elderly at rehab facilities. Some dogs are trained to provide support in daily lives of deaf and visually impaired individuals. Some are trained to do search and rescue to hikers in mountains and endangered species in threatened habitats. They help avert life threatening situations of diabetics and epileptics. They provide emotional support with military veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and become service dogs for soldiers with physical combat-related injury.They allow greater independence in people with disabilities, opening emotional and physical doors in their daily lives. The foundation is into its 10 years of helping dogs and humans in the United States.

Dog Toy: Recycled Bones and Balls
Dog Toy: Recycled Bones and Balls Sale price$21.00 Regular price$30.00

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