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For our lovely old friends. Dogs never grow old in spirit but only in physique. Their vision and snout strength may be reduced, jaw muscles may have weakened, teeth may have become brittle, the puppies in their soul still like some good fun!

Designed for the older and wiser folks, the chew bones are doubly soft, doubly minty, uniquely pliable and stretchy, for their chewing strength which may have waned through the years.

Not for the aggressive chewers, this toy can be enjoyed by younger dogs who have gentle jaws.

* Buoyant

* Minty

The cushiony bone is designed with a double-bellow squeaker and contrasting colours of teal and white, which is easier on the eyes of a senior dog. The 100% polyester fleece filling allows fast-drying and easy-cleaning from the heavy slobbers. Measures 20.3cm in height and machine-washable.


* Non-toxic
* Recyclable
* Made in the U.S.A.

To clean, simply rinse clean under running water.

Old Soul  Size (cm)
Small chewy bone 12.7
Medium chewy bone 16.5
Large chewy bone 20.3
Squeaky cushion Bone  20.3 (height)

Your purchase of this toy goes a long way for dogs in need. Manufacturer of this range of toys donates 2% from each and every sale through their non-profit foundation which in turn provides cash grants to respected and effective non-profit organizations that train, place and support working dogs. These dogs visit and comfort to sick children in hospitals, and elderly at rehab facilities. Some dogs are trained to provide support in daily lives of deaf and visually impaired individuals. Some are trained to do search and rescue to hikers in mountains and endangered species in threatened habitats. They help avert life threatening situations of diabetics and epileptics. They provide emotional support with military veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and become service dogs for soldiers with physical combat-related injury.They allow greater independence in people with disabilities, opening emotional and physical doors in their daily lives. The foundation is into its 10 years of helping dogs and humans in the United States.

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