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Dehydrated Dog and Cat Treats: Kaki Oysters

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Bribes. For Dogs.

When humans have Kaki Fry(Japanese deep fried oysters), doggies and cats have our dehydrated Kaki (oysters) treats!

Oysters have the highest concentration of dietary zinc out of all commonly known  foods, have high concentration of omega 3s, and are a good source of iron.

Zinc is often missing or lacking in canine (and human) diets. Deficiencies lead to thin coats, flaky skin, and slow healing processes, mouth ulcers, and lower immunity leading to respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. While some prefer to supplement with processed zinc, here we like to feed our dogs natural foods as supplements!

Dogs roughly need 1mg of zinc a day per kg of body weight! In oysters, we learnt that its dehydrated form contains a larger amount of zinc compared to its raw form. Each oyster contains approximately 7mg of zinc. What could be better than treating your dog AND nourishing it’s body naturally at the same time?


* Dehydrated to retain flavour and nutrients

* Great source of zinc, iron, high omega 3s.

* Supports skin and coat health

* Boosts immune system

* Free from grains, artificial additives and preservatives.

Maximum Feeding Recommendation

  • Small dogs: 1 oyster a day
  • Medium / large dogs: 2 oysters a day
  • Giant breeds: 3 oysters a day

These oysters should be regarded as supplements and not for "buffet" feeding. DO NOT feed in excess or you can cause dietary imbalances!

Oysters are imported from South Korea and prepared in Singapore, by Wholesome Paws. All ingredients are human-grade and all-natural.

Weight: 50g per packet, sold by weight, not volume

Ingredients: 100% oysters

Storage: Made without any artificial ingredients or preservatives, refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness. General guide: Best consumed 6 months after pack date.


Dehydrated Dog and Cat Treats: Kaki Oysters
Dehydrated Dog and Cat Treats: Kaki Oysters Sale price$20.00

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