Book: A Letter to My Dog


For Dog Lovers, A Letter to My Dog is a compilation of personal letters written by Hollywood celebrities to their dogs. Letters are deeply personal and express the deepest feelings towards their canine companions. These heartwarming letters coupled with stunning photographs of canines and their human celebrate their loyalty, unconditional love and that special relationship we share with our pups.

Dogs have a way to find us when we need them. What would say in a letter to your dog? Ever want to pen down your feelings towards your dogs. Contribute your letters and photographs to A Letter to My Dog. Not ready to share your feelings? Read Letters from dog lovers alike.

Celebrities who contributed their letters are Colbie Caillat, Hilary Duff, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Bennett and so on. 

Perfect gift for that crazy-dog friend whose feelings towards canine friends will resonate with this book.


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