Stationery: Gemma Correll I Like You pencil case


Ever wonder why your dog sniffs another's butt?

Oh yes.. He's saying "Hello beautiful", "Do you come here often", "I think I've met you before".

If you ever find yourself lost for words for that special someone, this super fun pencil case by Gemma Correll might just do the trick. 

Everything else aside. This PVC-coated cotton pencil case is made in U.K. and perfect storage for your artists supplies, markeup kit or really, whatever you have. 

Measures about 21cm by 10cm and comes with a zip seal.

Gemma Correll has a quirky sense of humour and loves to draw her pug. Find her illustrations on books, totes, cards, notebooks, prints and everywhere.

Noteworthy, we are giving 30% of this purchase to pet shelters and animal rescue organization listed in our Giving Back page. Please show them some support. 


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