Ginger and Bear Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie Dog

Food is life! 

Says your dog.

So for this first edition of the Holiday Gift Guide, Ginger and Bear rounds up our favourite festive snacks and treats for your dogs. We think they are woofilicious, so read on!

And in case you are in for more, check out whole range of treats we offer here.

1. Poultry on a Pear Tree

The luxurious, pampering yet healthy treat.

Fully organic (certified), made from (just to name a few)

  • fresh organic, free-range turkey from Dorset
  • organic quinoa grain- milled in-house into flour
  • organic pears picked locally and in season

Grain-, gluten-, dairy- and egg-free, without any synthetics binders or fillers, or additives, artificial colourings or preservatives.

What more can I say. Oh yes, eat it soon to savour the best freshness quality.


2. Miss Gingerbread

Remember that cookie fragrance from the past. This is it! All natural fragrance from spices like cinnamon, anise, ginger, coriander, cardamom, clove, enough to fill your palate.

Tested on humans and dogs!

Made from human grade, organic ingredients, with no preservatives.

3. Christmas Cake Mix for Dogs

When dog mom is a couch baker who prefers watching cooking (tv) channels and cookbooks than the real kitchen.

This might be the solution.

Just need 2 eggs and 40ml of water. A piece of cake!

It is made from single protein (only British Duck) and grain-free.

4. Gravalax Christmas Sprinkle for Dogs

To jazz up your Christmas dinner. Gravalax sprinkle (meal topper) made from MSC-sourced fresh salmon, air-dried with an added pinch of dill.