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Article: Crates vs. Dog Carriers: Choosing the Best for Your Pet's Safety and Comfort | Expert Guide

Crates vs. Dog Carriers: Choosing the Best for Your Pet's Safety and Comfort | Expert Guide

Crates vs. Dog Carriers: Choosing the Best for Your Pet's Safety and Comfort | Expert Guide

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our pets is a responsibility that transcends the boundaries of affection. One pivotal aspect of this care is proper pet containment—a crucial factor influencing their sense of security and overall quality of life. For both seasoned pet owners and newcomers alike, understanding the distinctions between crates and dog carriers is essential in establishing a secure and comfortable environment for our four-legged friends.

Effective pet containment goes beyond physical limits; it plays a foundational role in shaping a pet's daily experiences. From aiding in house training to providing a secure retreat within the home and enabling seamless travel, our choices in containment significantly impact our pets' lives. In this blog, we embark on a comprehensive analysis of two primary containment options: crates and dog carriers. By delving into their unique features, benefits, and considerations, this guide aims to empower pet owners with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions prioritising their pet's safety and comfort.

Join us on this insightful journey as we explore the nuances of each option, offering guidance to help you choose the optimal solution for your beloved companion.

Understanding Crates

What is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is a purposeful enclosure designed to provide dogs with a secure and comfortable space. It resembles a small, den-like structure with four walls, a floor, and a secure entrance. Rather than a form of confinement, a well-introduced crate becomes a safe haven for dogs, aligning with their natural instinct to seek sheltered spaces. This controlled environment can be used for various purposes, from house training to offering a secure retreat during stressful situations.

Types of Crates Available

A. Metal or Wire Dog Crates

Metal or wire crates are durable and provide excellent ventilation. Ideal for larger or more active dogs, these crates offer a sense of security without compromising visibility. The open design allows for air circulation, making them suitable for various climates. Wire crates are versatile, easy to clean, and often collapsible, making them practical for home use and travel.

B. Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Soft-sided dog crates are lightweight, portable, and collapsible, making them a convenient choice for travel. These crates are designed with fabric walls and mesh panels, providing good ventilation. While suitable for calm and well-trained dogs, they may not be the best option for dogs prone to chewing or scratching. Soft-sided crates offer a cosy and comfortable space, making them an excellent choice for short trips or as a temporary shelter.

C. Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates provide a more enclosed and secure environment. Commonly used in air travel, these crates meet airline regulations for pet transport. The enclosed design creates a den-like atmosphere, making it appealing to dogs that prefer a cosy space. Plastic crates are sturdy, easy to clean, and offer a sense of privacy for the dog. They are suitable for both home use and travel.

D. Airline-Approved Dog Crates

Airline-approved dog crates meet specific requirements set by airlines for pet travel. Typically made of plastic, these crates ensure the safety and comfort of the pet during air transportation. Features may include secure locks, ventilation holes, and spill-resistant bowls. It's crucial to check and comply with airline regulations and create specifications before travel.

E. Furniture-Style Dog Crates

Furniture-style dog crates are designed to blend with home decor, serving a dual purpose as both a functional crate and a piece of furniture. These crates often resemble end tables or benches, providing a discreet containment solution. While aesthetically pleasing, they may not offer as much ventilation as other crate types and are generally suitable for well-behaved dogs.

E. Collapsible Dog Crates

Collapsible dog crates are practical for those seeking a space-saving option. These crates can be easily folded down for storage or transport, making them convenient for travel or occasional use. While not as sturdy as some other crate types, collapsible crates are versatile and suitable for well-behaved dogs in various settings.

Here are some examples of premium dog crates that redefine pet containment, combining style, innovation, and functionality. Explore the world of cutting-edge design and thoughtful features with these options:


The Enventur Travel Kennel. A collapsible dog crate designed for safe car travel. Its ultra-durable yet lightweight inflatable construction, made from military-grade materials, ensures pet safety. Featuring a cosy interior with cushioning and ventilation, the crate prioritises a stress-free travel experience.

Available in various sizes, it is conveniently inflatable and deflatable using the Diggs Pump. The crash-tested kennel, suitable for temporary indoor and outdoor use, packs flat when not in use. With D-rings for secure attachment in vehicles using tie-downs, it is practical and space-saving in comparison to traditional kennels.

Introducing the Evolv Dog Crate by Diggs, a revolutionary dog crate designed for premium safety, durability, and a personalised experience. This slim crate features a unique "playpen mode" with a removable ceiling that transforms it into a versatile play area when paired with the optional frame attachment. The modular design allows for customization with up to four configurable doors (two doors included), providing a personalised experience for your furry friend. The high-strength steel frame and wire mesh ensure serious safety, with a dual lock door system for added security. Suitable for puppyhood and beyond, the Evolv comes with a Puppy Divider for growth adjustment and a removable tray for easy cleanup. 

Presenting the High Anxiety Crate by Impact Dog Crates, a reliable solution for secure pet containment. Equipped with four additional butterfly latches, this crate ensures robust strength and enhanced security. The zinc-plated steel paddle latch adds an extra layer of protection, designed to withstand high-stress forces. Small ventilation holes, measuring at 0.05 inches, prioritise pet safety by preventing any potential harm while maintaining proper airflow. The crate's stackable design allows for efficient space utilisation, catering to diverse settings. With military-grade handles, this crate offers both easy portability and resilience in challenging scenarios.

Benefits and Features of Using Dog Crates

Security and Safety

Dog crates serve as a secure space, preventing access to potentially hazardous areas or objects in the home. This ensures the safety of the dog and minimises the risk of accidents.

House Training

Crates play a crucial role in house training by leveraging a dog's instinct to keep its living space clean. This aids in teaching bladder control and reinforces positive bathroom habits.

Comfort and Retreat

Dogs naturally seek a den-like environment for security. Crates offer a designated space where dogs can retreat, relax, and feel secure, especially during times of stress or when they need a break from household activities.

Travel Convenience

Portable and available in various sizes, crates provide a familiar environment for dogs during travel. Whether it's a short car ride or a longer journey, a crate offers a sense of continuity, reducing stress in unfamiliar settings.

Positive Training Aid

Crates can be used as a positive training tool, reinforcing desired behaviours and routines. Dogs associate the crate with positive experiences, aiding in the learning process for commands and obedience.

Activity Management

Crates help manage a dog's activities, limiting access to specific areas of the home when necessary. This can be especially helpful when supervision is challenging, preventing unwanted behaviours.

Behaviour Management

Crates discourage destructive behaviours such as chewing or excessive barking. By providing a controlled and secure space, dogs are less likely to engage in activities that may be harmful to themselves or their surroundings.

Recovery and Healing

In cases of illness or post-surgery recovery, crates offer a confined and controlled space where dogs can rest without the risk of further injury or disturbance.

Transitional Aid for New Pets

Crates assist in acclimating new pets to their surroundings. They provide a sense of security in a new environment and aid in building positive associations with the home.

Safe Introduction to Guests

Crates offer a controlled environment for introducing a dog to guests, especially if the dog is still learning socialisation skills. This ensures a positive and safe experience for both the dog and visitors.

By understanding and leveraging the benefits and features of dog crates, pet owners can create a positive and enriching environment for their canine companions, promoting well-being and reinforcing a strong bond between pets and their human counterparts.

Exploring Dog Carriers

Various Types of Dog Carriers

A. Soft-Side Carriers

Soft-sided carriers are lightweight and flexible, providing a cosy and comfortable environment for dogs. Ideal for short trips and indoor use, they often feature mesh panels for ventilation and are easily collapsible for storage.

B. Hard-Side Carriers

Sturdy and durable, hard-sided carriers offer enhanced protection and structure. These carriers are suitable for air travel and outdoor activities, providing a secure and enclosed space for dogs.

C. Backpack Carriers

Designed for on-the-go adventures, backpack carriers allow pet owners to carry their dogs comfortably. They are perfect for hiking or urban exploration, providing a hands-free way to transport smaller dogs.

Advantages and Unique Characteristics of Using Dog Carriers

Soft-Side Carriers:

  • Indoor Comfort and Short-Distance Travel
    • Soft-side carriers excel in providing indoor comfort and are well-suited for brief travels. Their soft construction allows flexibility, catering to calm dogs who appreciate a snug space.
  • Flexibility and Proper Ventilation
    • The soft structure of these carriers offers flexibility, adapting to the dog's position. Mesh panels ensure proper ventilation, enhancing the overall comfort of the dog during the journey.

    Hard-Side Carriers:

  • Durability and Robust Protection
    • Recognized for their durability, hard-sided carriers prioritise the safety of dogs during travel. With well-ventilated interiors, they maintain a secure environment, making them suitable for air travel or outdoor activities that demand a more enclosed space.
  • Secure Latching Mechanisms
    • Hard-sided carriers often feature secure latching mechanisms, providing an extra layer of protection. This ensures that the carrier remains securely closed, offering peace of mind to pet owners.

    Backpack Carriers:

  • Convenience for Active Lifestyles
    • Backpack carriers cater to the convenience of active pet owners. Designed for hands-free transport during outdoor activities, they allow dogs to relish the scenery while ensuring a secure and comfortable space.
  • Comfortable and Secure Transport
    • The ergonomic design of backpack carriers ensures a comfortable fit for both pet and owner. The hands-free aspect makes them an excellent choice for those who enjoy outdoor adventures without compromising their canine companion's safety.

    Considerations for Choosing a Suitable Carrier:

  • Size and Comfort:
    • Select a carrier that accommodates your dog's size comfortably. Ensure there's enough space for movement and that the carrier provides a cosy environment.
  • Ventilation
    • Adequate ventilation is crucial for the well-being of your dog. Look for carriers with mesh panels or windows to ensure proper airflow.
  • Purpose and Activity
    • Choose a carrier based on the intended use. Soft-side carriers are ideal for indoor comfort, hard-side carriers for air travel or secure outdoor activities, and backpack carriers for hands-free adventures.

    Outdoor Activities Ideal for Each Carrier:

  • Soft-Side Carriers
    • Suitable for casual outings, visits to the vet, and short walks. Not recommended for more rugged outdoor activities.
  • Hard-Side Carriers
    • Ideal for air travel, longer outdoor adventures, and situations where added protection is necessary.
  • Backpack Carriers
    • Perfect for hiking, walking, or exploring urban environments where a hands-free experience is desired.

    Here are examples of sophisticated dog carriers that blend style and functionality, providing your furry companion with a secure and stylish travel experience. Explore these premium options to elevate your pet's comfort and your travel aesthetics.


    Boston Dog Carry Bag, Bunker. A soft premium vegan leather in chic latte or green, a removable cosy polyester cushion for easy cleaning, and a double zip mesh design for an airy and light atmosphere that can be secured with magnets. But that's not all – inner compartments keep treats and personal items organised, while an inner leash strap ensures safety.

    Talk about convenience – two outer pockets, a luggage slot, and a shoulder strap ring for accessories. The Boston Dog Carry Bag sets the standard for soft-sided carriers, proving that pet travel can be both a stylish statement and a comfortable journey. 


    Another level of pet luxury awaits with the Bergamo Canvas Dog Carrier, a prime example of a premium soft-sided carrier. This carrier features a durable yet soft canvas exterior, available in a minimalist grey or black. The inner lining, made from 100% cotton, prioritises breathability and cosiness. What makes it truly exceptional is the padding – Eco Down, a sustainable material derived from recycled PET bottles, providing an eco-conscious haven for your furry companion.

    The thoughtful design includes a separate compartment for treats, leash, water bowl, and toys, ensuring convenience and organisation during your travels. The Bergamo Canvas Dog Carrier is not just a carrier; it's a statement in style, comfort, and environmental responsibility, defining a soft-sided pet travel experience. 



    Introducing the Urban 3, a unique and stylish city backpack that seamlessly combines functionality for both dog and human. This innovative design transitions effortlessly between a practical foldover backpack for personal items, complete with a padded laptop sleeve, and a convenient dog carrier. Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs (sizes XS-L), the Urban 3 ensures versatility and fun for urban adventures. Featuring a waist support strap, it accommodates semi-strenuous activities, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go pet owners.


    Meet the Knavigate, K9 Sport Sack's backpack dog carrier designed to combine the best features for both dogs and their owners. With sizes ranging from XS to XL, accommodating small to large dogs, this carrier boasts an internal frame and a padded hip belt for optimal comfort, suitable for all body types. Crafted for avid adventurers, the Knavigate facilitates longer and more strenuous activities with your furry companion. It comes equipped with a lap belt, hip pockets, and a storage pocket extending underneath the pet base to the bottom of the frame. The inclusion of dog lumbar support straps ensures a secure and comfortable journey for your canine companion.

    Safety Features Comparison

    1. Ventilation and Airflow:

    Crates: Typically designed with open spaces between bars or mesh panels, allowing for ample ventilation.

    Carriers: Soft-sided carriers often have mesh panels, ensuring proper airflow. Hard-sided carriers may have ventilation holes or slits.

    2. Security Latches and Locks:

    Crates: Commonly equipped with sturdy latch systems or secure door locks to prevent accidental openings.

    Carriers: Hard-sided carriers often feature reliable latch mechanisms, ensuring the door remains securely closed during travel.

    3. Durability and Structural Integrity:

    Crates: Known for their robust construction, providing durability and structural stability.

    Carriers: Hard-sided carriers offer durability, maintaining structural integrity even in challenging conditions.

    4. Impact Resistance:

    Crates: Generally more resilient to impact due to their solid construction, offering enhanced protection during travel.

    Carriers: Hard-sided carriers are designed to withstand impact, providing an added layer of protection for the dog.

    5. Secure Closures:

    Crates: Feature secure closures, preventing accidental openings during transportation or when the dog is inside.

    Carriers: Both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers are designed with secure closures, ensuring the door remains firmly closed.

    6. Escape Prevention Measures:

    Crates: Designed to minimise escape possibilities, with secure doors and minimal gaps.

    Carriers: Soft-sided carriers may have additional features like reinforced zippers or closures to prevent escape.


    When considering safety features, both dog crates and dog carriers exhibit characteristics that cater to the well-being of the canine passenger. Dog crates, with their solid construction, are particularly well-suited for larger dogs and extended travel. On the other hand, dog carriers, especially hard-sided variants, provide a balance of durability and portability, making them ideal for air travel and outdoor activities.

    The choice between a crate and a carrier depends on factors such as the dog's size, temperament, and the specific travel or containment needs at hand. Pet owners should assess these considerations to determine the most suitable option for ensuring the safety and security of their beloved companions.

    Comfort Considerations

    1. Bedding and Padding Options:

    Crates: Typically provide a flat and sturdy surface, allowing owners to customise bedding options based on the dog's preferences.

    Carriers: Soft-sided carriers often come with built-in padding or cushions for added comfort during travel.

    2. Interior Space and Visibility:

    Crates: Provide a secure and enclosed environment with limited visibility, offering a den-like atmosphere for dogs that prefer privacy.

    Carriers: Soft-sided carriers often have mesh panels, providing better visibility and allowing dogs to observe their surroundings. Hard-sided carriers may have ventilation holes or windows.

    3. Size and Mobility:

    Crates: Come in various sizes, providing ample space for larger breeds. Mobility is limited due to their larger structure.

    Carriers: Offer a more compact and portable solution, suitable for smaller breeds or those who prefer a snug space. Backpack carriers enhance mobility for on-the-go adventures.


    The choice between dog crates and dog carriers in terms of comfort considerations depends on the individual preferences and needs of the dog. Dog crates, with their more enclosed and den-like design, cater to dogs that feel secure in a confined space. The limited visibility can provide a sense of privacy, making it suitable for restful periods. On the other hand, dog carriers, especially soft-sided variants, prioritise visibility and may include built-in padding for added comfort during travel. The decision should align with the dog's size, temperament, and the specific comfort requirements for the intended use, be it indoor relaxation, travel, or outdoor adventures.

    Choosing the Right Option

    In selecting the right containment option for your pet, consider factors such as:

    1. Pet Size

    Crates: Ideal for larger breeds, providing ample space for comfortable confinement.

    Carriers: Suitable for smaller breeds or those who prefer a more enclosed space during travel.

    2. Temperament

    Crates: Suited for dogs that feel secure in a confined environment, appreciating the den-like atmosphere.

    Carriers: Soft-sided carriers are suitable for dogs that enjoy visibility and those who may feel stressed in more enclosed spaces.

    3. Travel Needs

    Crates: Ideal for extended travel, road trips, and situations where a more robust and secure containment solution is required.

    Carriers: Perfect for air travel, short trips, and outdoor activities where a portable and versatile option is preferred.

    Practical tips for selecting the most suitable containment solution:

    1. Assess Pet Comfort:

    • Consider your pet's comfort preferences. If they enjoy more visibility and a cosy space, a dog carrier may be preferable. For those that prefer privacy and a sense of security, a dog crate might be more suitable.

    2. Evaluate Size Appropriateness:

    • Choose a containment option that provides enough space for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. For larger breeds, a dog crate with ample room is essential, while smaller breeds may thrive in a more compact dog carrier.

    3. Consider Travel Frequency:

    • Assess how often you'll be travelling with your pet. If frequent travel is anticipated, a portable dog carrier may be a practical choice. For more extended journeys or road trips, a sturdy dog crate could be the preferred option.

    4. Factor in Pet Behavior:

    • Consider your pet's behaviour during confinement. If your pet tends to be calm and enjoys a snug space, a soft-sided carrier may be suitable. For those prone to chewing or scratching, a more robust dog crate might be necessary.

    5. Explore Multifunctional Options:

    • If you have an active lifestyle, consider a dog carrier that doubles as a backpack for hands-free transport during outdoor activities. This versatility adds convenience to your daily routines.

    6. Check Airline Regulations:

    • If air travel is on the horizon, verify airline regulations for pet carriers. Ensure that the chosen option complies with size and safety requirements, especially if you opt for a dog carrier.

    Choosing the right containment solution involves a thoughtful consideration of your pet's needs, travel habits, and individual preferences. By aligning these factors with the characteristics of dog crates and dog carriers, you can make an informed decision that prioritises your pet's safety, comfort, and well-being.


    In our exploration of dog crates and dog carriers, we've delved into the diverse options available and compared their features in terms of safety and comfort. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Dog Crates:
    • Sturdy and durable, ideal for larger breeds and extended travel.
    • Provide a secure and enclosed environment, fostering a den-like atmosphere.
    • Varied types include steel, wire, and plastic crates, catering to different needs.
  • Dog Carriers:
    • Portable and versatile, suitable for smaller breeds and on-the-go adventures.
    • Soft-sided carriers prioritise visibility and comfort during short trips.
    • Hard-sided carriers offer enhanced protection, making them ideal for air travel.

    When choosing between dog crates and dog carriers, prioritise your pet's safety, comfort, and individual needs. Consider their size, temperament, and the intended use of the containment solution. Whether it's a cosy retreat at home, a secure space during travel, or an accessory for outdoor adventures, the right choice enhances your pet's overall well-being.

    For those seeking stylish and high-quality dog carrier products, visit us at Ginger and Bear. As a specialty shop, we curate a collection of premium carriers that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Explore our range to find the perfect containment solution for your four-legged friends.

    Whether it's a crate for home comfort or a carrier for on-the-go adventures, making an informed decision ensures a positive experience for both you and your furry companion. Prioritise their safety, consider their comfort, and embark on a journey where your pet feels secure, loved, and stylishly accompanied.

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