2017 calendar by Gentle Paws

2016 is drawing to a close. Ginger and Bear give thanks we still have one another in the family to hang onto. 

To welcome 2017, we are helping to distribute 2017 calendars by Gentle Paws. For any number of calendars bought through our webstore, we offer free delivery.

About Gentle Paws

Gentle Paws is a privately run shelter for abandoned pets, strays and former breeding dogs. As with all privately-run pet shelters, they depend on contributions from public and time and effort of volunteers to keep the shelter going. 

Ginger and Bear is very excited to distribute the 2016 calendar by Gentle Paws. All proceeds from the sale of calendars go to food, lodging and medical treatments of the dogs in need. 


About the calendar......

The 2017 calendar is extraordinary. It features that special bond between human and dogs. Always a ready friend, dogs are undeniably human's best friend, family and therapist.

Bad hair day, fat, short, down and out, our dogs will always be there. 

Perhaps many think adopting a dog is helping them get out of miserable shelter life. Think again. Dogs make us better people and realize we could love better. Dogs heal us of loneliness, hurt, insecurity. 

The best therapist is four-legged. Just how do they do it. You have to experience it yourself to know.

Calendars are available at $10. Buy it for yourself or that friend who is still looking for that special love in this universe.

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Blog; Gentle Paws Read about the heart and soul in this shelter.