Book Review: Find Momo

I cannot remember where I found Momo.

I came across Momo by chance somewhere online. Remembering how I enjoyed Where's Wally, I became a fan of Momo, following his adventures daily on social media.

Find Momo is a photography book that documents Momo's travel and the landscapes he cleverly disguises himself into. Momo is not just a hide-and-seek dog. What is amazing is Momo's hiding instinctive, perfect sit-stay and being a working dog, his incredible work ethic. From this book, we know his likes and dislikes, his intelligence and the bond with his BFF.

Finding Momo in each photograph puts a smile on my face.

Some are easy. Some are of the standard of Where's Wally. Other images are so beautifully composed, I forgot to search for Momo.

Indeed, "Life is better with a dog. Dogs take care of us. They help us meet new people." To me, they are god-sent. Hope you found your Momo or find one soon.