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Boxing Day Sale

Boxing Day Sale from 24th to 30th Dec 2023

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Brand Discount online Enter code at checkout Discount at Showroom
Cloversoft 10
Ruffwear 10 BOXING10 20
Fringe Pet Studio 30
Hiro&Wolf 30 BOXING30 40
Le Chien Blue 30 BOXING30 40
Rugged Wrist 30 BOXING30 40
Ware of the Dog 30 BOXING30 40
Hind Quarters 30 BOXING30 40
See Scout Sleep 30 BOXING30 40
Treats 10 BOXING10 10
Small tip: split your orders to use both discount codes. (One-time) Delivery is free for combined orders above $99.

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Rugged Hudson Collar: Salmon, NavyRugged Hudson Collar: Salmon, Navy
Rugged Hudson Collar: KeyLime, NavyRugged Hudson Collar: KeyLime, Navy
Rugged Hudson Collar: Citrus, NavyRugged Hudson Collar: Citrus, Navy
Rugged Hudson Leash: Watermelon, OliveRugged Hudson Leash: Watermelon, Olive

1 color available

Rugged Hudson Leash: Salmon, OliveRugged Hudson Leash: Salmon, Olive

1 color available

Rugged Hudson Leash: KeyLime, OliveRugged Hudson Leash: KeyLime, Olive

1 color available

Rugged Hudson Leash: Citrus, OliveRugged Hudson Leash: Citrus, Olive

1 color available

Cuff Bracelets: Black titleCuff Bracelets: Black title
Cuff Bracelets: Gold titleCuff Bracelets: Gold title
Cuff Bracelets: Silver titleCuff Bracelets: Silver title
Rugged Hudson Collar: Watermelon, OliveRugged Hudson Collar: Watermelon, Olive
Rugged Hudson Collar: Salmon, OliveRugged Hudson Collar: Salmon, Olive
Rugged Hudson Collar: Citrus, OliveRugged Hudson Collar: Citrus, Olive
Rugged Hudson Collar: KeyLime, OliveRugged Hudson Collar: KeyLime, Olive
Rugged Hudson Leash: Citrus, NavyRugged Hudson Leash: Citrus, Navy

1 color available

Ruffwear Urban Sprawl Bed for Dogs and CatsRuffwear Urban Sprawl Bed for Dogs and Cats

1 color available

Dog Lines Stoneware MugDog Lines Stoneware Mug
Dog Lines Stoneware Mug Sale price$35.00
Mininalist Charcoal Stoneware Dog Food Water Bowl, SmallMininalist Charcoal Stoneware Dog Food Water Bowl, Small
Dog Lines Canvas Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
All Dogs Canvas Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
Gingham Canvas Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
Sold outHiro and Wolf Dog Bowtie Inca BlueHiro and Wolf Dog Bowtie Inca Blue
Hiro+Wolf Sisal basket: LargeHiro+Wolf Sisal basket: Large
Hiro+Wolf Sisal basket: Medium DarkHiro+Wolf Sisal basket: Medium Dark
Hiro+Wolf Sisal basket: Medium LightHiro+Wolf Sisal basket: Medium Light
Dog Collar: Weave CottonDog Collar: Weave Cotton
Dog Collar: Weave Cotton Sale priceFrom $78.00

7 colors available

Hiro+Wolf Classic leash: Shuka Red Check
Hiro+Wolf Classic leash: Marine Stripe KikoyHiro+Wolf Classic leash: Marine Stripe Kikoy
Dog Lead: Yellow RopeDog Lead: Yellow Rope
Dog Lead: Yellow Rope Sale price$95.00
Hiro+Wolf Classic leash: Pink IncaHiro+Wolf Classic leash: Pink Inca
Mini Witching Hour, Dog Squeaky Plush toy
Happy Camper Round Trinket Dish TrayHappy Camper Round Trinket Dish Tray
Weird Pug Enamel PinWeird Pug Enamel Pin
Weird Pug Enamel Pin Sale price$22.00
Weird Dachshund Enamel PinWeird Dachshund Enamel Pin
Weird Bulldog Enamel Pin
Weird Bulldog Enamel Pin Sale price$22.00
Nosey Dog Spot Canvas PouchNosey Dog Spot Canvas Pouch