We are Tight: Dog Carry Bag, Grass Powder


When you are on a secret mission impossible. To a shopping mall. To papa's office. Where the furry and four-legged are forbidden. Hide out in the We are Tight carry bag. 

We are Tight dog carrier bag is designed with functionality, comfort and aesthetic in mind. Inner lining is thin, breathable, made for summer and removable for washing. Upper flap opens and closes with a double zipper and can be rolled up, to keep it neat and trim. Mesh fabric on the upper flap and one side keep it airy and breathable inside the carrier. A short clip within the bag to hold onto leash/collar.

Two good-sized pockets on the outer shell keep belongings within easy reach. Both handles can be held together via a clippable leather piece, for ease of carry.

To top it up, We are Tight dog carrier bag is handcrafted 100% in South Korea by expert craftsmen.

* Kindly note, warm inner lining shown in the pictures is meant for winter. The version we carry is the summer version which is thinner and breathable.


Outer fabric: 97% polyester, 3% linen

Country of origin: Belgium

Inner fabric: 65% cotton, 35% linen.


Base: 150mm by 450mm

Height (without handles): 250mm

Cleaning instructions

* Warm (30deg) wash

* Low heat iron


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