Travel Water bowl: the Firehose in Khaki


Stay hydrated, never leave home without it. Firehose is the most innovative, thought-through, upcycled! Travel Water Bowl we have seen.

As the name suggests, the Firehose bowl is made from reclaimed firehose from institutional use such as schools, movie theatres and office buildings. These firehoses may lived for years without ever being used. When the time comes, they'll be discarded to make way for new ones.

Reclaimed firehose makes up the supporting perimeter walls of the Firehose bowl. By virtue of the firehose fabric, it provides great support holding up the bowl, even with a few thirsty dogs lapping up fluids at the same time. The firehose material is tough and durable as you can imagine why it needs to be in order to function as firehose! It protects the inner bowl well, making the entire bowl durable to last a long long time.

The part in contact with fluid is made from food-grade silicon, non toxic, and has been vetted for food safety. This component can only be conceived with a heart that truly cares for the welfare of animals.

Another thought-through feature is a clever twist to our usual travel bowls. The Firehose bowl comes with an elastic band sewn on the side, to keep the bowl folded, collapsed compact when we are on the move. 

The Firehose bowl is easy to clean with dish-washing soap and sponge and later rinse clean with running water. It should be left to dry in an airy place, out of the direct sun.

Available in one size in three colour: Cabernet, Khaki and Royal

What we also love is that every component of the bowl, from sewing to tagging has been made by small businesses.

More details:

* Diameter: 16.5cm

* Height: 2.3cm

* Capacity: 0.95l

* Weight: 90g

* All material sourced in the USA

* Handmade in California

* Upcycled firehose from Oxgut Hose Co. 

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