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Rugged Wrist Hudson Dog Rope Leash: French Presley

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The French Presley Dog Collar is skilfully handcrafted, with marine grade ropes originally used for sailing and yachting, and brass hardware. It features black sailing rope, accented with two lovely shades of Pink and Gold whip. Named after the creator's newly adopted Frenchie, Presley, this colour combination is a warm reflection of a new family member and the life ahead.

To complete the look, the French Presley leash comes with matching collar.


* Hand-washable with water and mild dog shampoo

* Hand-crafted in Excelsior, a city on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States.

* Length: Five feet (~1.5m)

* Thickness: 3/8" (~1cm) for Standard

* Hardware: solid brass

Why we love these leashes, collars and their human accessories is their creators are dog lovers too who contribute positively to the dog community. 


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