Out of My Box Dog Collar: Black Cream


It's hemp! 

We love hemp.

Hemp fabric is made from fibre of the cannabis plant, and it's one of the most eco friendly, strongest, and durable natural textile. With its combination of ruggedness and comfort, it is for the fashion-, eco- and quality-conscious pooches. (see below for more hemp facts)

Out of My Box is one of the signature pattern of SeeScoutSleep which makes fabulous gear for our canine family. Designed and constructed with love and detail, SSS's harnesses are well-designed for style and safety. They are undeniably good-looking, durable and comfortable. With this harness, your pooch will be the reigning pup in the neighbourhood with this harness, read on to see why. 

Hemp is strong but soft and light-weight. It washes easily and stays clean longer.

* Hand-crafted in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

* Size: M, L, XL

Care instructions: 

Washing a See Scout Sleep harness is no biggy. In a small laundry bag or a sock, wash with delicate/hand wash cycle, and lay out for air-drying. Or soak it in warm water with mild soap or oxygenated cleanser for about 15 minutes. Spot clean any remaining tarnishes or spots using a soft brush (a soft toothbrush is perfect) with baking soda and vinegar. Air-dry in a breezy spot, do not machine dry.

Sizing chart

We are happy to represent SeeScoutSleep for it is a team of animal lovers like us. The products are made with the love and detail, focusing on quality material and design that make living with our furry family fun and safe at the same time.


Some hemp facts:

* renewable resource which grows more quickly and easily than trees

* hemp has a deep-root system that prevents soil erosion, removes toxins and provides disease break and aerates the soil to the benefit of future crops 

* hemp fibre is longer and stronger, more absorbent and insulating than cotton fibre, which hemp clothings keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

* produces more pulp than timber on a sustainable basis and can be used in all quality of paper

* paper made from hemp is more eco-friendly than paper from timber.

* organic hemp can be grown easily without herbicides, pesticides and fungicides; can replace other raw material processed with toxic chemicals.

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