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Want to gift and yet not know what he/she likes? Growl not. Because we have the right gift just here.

Choose from gift voucher denominations of $25, $50, $100, $150 and $200, and you purchase it at 5% off!

No minimal order when your recipient redeems the voucher.

Gift voucher will be valid one year from date of purchase, and choose from a choice of 2 card designs.

What will go best with this gift voucher is a greeting card from our series of greeting cards from The Dog Studio and Wieselblitz. Check them out!

Just leave us this details in your order:

* Name you want be known in the gift card (and your dog's name too!)

* Name of your recipient (and his/her dog's name too!)

* Occasion (happy birthday! cheer up! new dog! merry christmas!.. surprise! i love you, muack muack!...)

* Recipient's email address. Only this email address can purchase using the assigned discount code.

* Recipient's address if you'd like us to post it directly to him/her

* Short message limited to 30 words

Start gifting!

Other technical details:

* card will be sent by registered post to your recipient

* purchase using gift card has to adhere to terms and conditions of our webstore

* allow 10 days for the gift card to be produced and processed

* card discount not to be used in conjunction with other discounts

* card is not to be refunded or exchangeable for cash in part or full

* shipping/delivery charges apply


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