Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean


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  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean
  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean
  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean
  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean
  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean
  • Food and Water bowl: the Zorra in Ocean

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An extension of our favourite Cubby bowl. Presenting the Zorra!

Named after the creator's second rescued cat, the Zorra is designed 33% lighter than the Cubby bowl. The Zorra retains the environmental-friendliness and all the goodness of the Cubby bowl.

Each Zorra bowl upcycles 4 eight-ounce glass containers, preventing them from populating land fields or adding to the incineration load.

Made from 100% post consumer recycled glass sourced in the U.S.A. this bowl is deemed the safest for our pets. Much thoughts have been put into the design and manufacturing of these bowls, they are extremely durable and built to last and last. Available in three gorgeous colours, Pear, Ocean and Twilight, these bowls have the looks to match the quality. Even when not used, they sit pretty on the kitchen worktop!

Available in one size, the Zorra is suitable for 2 cats or a small dogs up to about 10kg. It can be used with dry food, wet / raw food and water. Comes with handy groove at the base for easy handling.

What we also love is that the making of these bowls supports 20 U.S. jobs from mould makers to glass pressers, all local artisans. On the packaging of the Zorra bowls, we acknowledge each and every one of them responsible in bringing these beautiful bowls to life! 

Why Cubby and Zorra bowls?! Read on.

* Dishwasher safe: Yes

* Microwave: No

* Easy to wash

* Non toxic

* Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

* Groove at base for easy handling

More details

Zorra bowl
Overall diameter: 15.2cm
Overal height: 7.6cm
Capacity: 0.6 litre
Weight: 0.9kg


For delivery outside Singapore, please email us on shipping costs.  

To learn about Glass used as foodware, Reviews of the Zorra bowl, and Peek into how the Zorra bowl is made, READ ON!

Why Glass?

* aggressively vetted and trusted material for overall health and the environment.

* made up of natural minerals which makes it chemically inert, non-leaching and non-toxic.

* non-porous and impermeable, so allowing zero interaction between food and glass.

* FDA-qualified, the only safe material to be used for food and beverage packaging, for use by humans.

* "GRAS" status by the FDA qualifies its use with food and beverage without toxicity tests.

* 100% recyclable, endlessly without loss of quality or purity

* learn more about Glass.

Why recycled Glass?

* recycled and glass has the same level of quality and purity.

* manufacturing food bowls from recycled compared to new glass saves energy up to 20 to 30%.

* no additional waste or by-products is produced from recycling glass.

Reviews of the Zorra and Cubby bowls and See how they are made!


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