Dog Toy: Kezza the Kangaroo


Good day, mate! 

Meet Kezza the Kangaroo, the marsupial icon of Down Undaaa..

Kezza is a pouch-ful of fun and soooo eco friendly! Braided with natural wool over a recycled water, Kezza smells of natural wool and sounds crunchy.

Wool has been coloured with natural vegetable dye. Kezza is safe, non toxic and strong for the enthusiastic gnawers. 


*Made from strong and durable braided wool. 

*Built in recycled water bottle creates excitement when chewed

*Coloured with natural vegetable dye

* 100% non toxic

Kezza measures 22cm long x 10cm wide

(No matter how strong the toy, it is always necesary to monitor dog's play.)

 What we also love:

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of OutBack Tails products will be donated to various Australian native animal charities by our Australia maker, doing their bit to protect the fragile animal habitats.

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