Dog Toy: Kevin the Koala



Meet Kevin the Koala!

No, Kevin is not a bear.

Kevin is native to Australia, a herbivorous marsupial. You may find him on a eucalyptus tree clinging on to his mama.

Kevin is made from 7 layers of strong sustainable jute fibre. Built in with a squeaker, this strong Aussie fella will prove some good fun for your doggie. 


* Made from 7 tough layers of natural jute fabric

* Built in squeaker

* Coloured with natural vegetable dye

* 100% non toxic

Kevin measures 15cm long x 17cm wide

What we also love:

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of OutBack Tails products will be donated to various Australian native animal charities by our Australia maker, doing their bit to protect the fragile animal habitats.

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