Dog Collar: Black Leather


Making Tails Wag..

Not only do these leads make tails wag, they make us smile too. Ginger and Bear loves HindQuarters' smart and sleek design.

This classic black collar is made from top grade leather from Italy, vegetable-tanned matt black, in uncomplicated and contemporary design.

The 4mm thick leather is tumbled for extra strength, durability and flexibility. Soft to the touch and with bevelled edges.

Buckle and D ring are made from marine grade high strength, marine-grade stainless steel and fixed with rivets.

Minimal upkeep. Use it everyday and natural oils from your dog's coat will keep the leather conditioned.

Use it everyday, every occasion, all weather, all terrain.

Collars all come with 5 eyelets 2cm apart and are available in four size

    • XS: 22cm to 30cm or 9 to 12 inches [1.5cm wide]
    • Small: 30cm to 38cm or 12 to 15 inches [2.5cm wide]
    • Medium: 38cm to 46cm  or 15 to 18 inches [3cm wide]
    •  Large: 46cm and 54cm  or 18 to 21 inches [3cm wide]

Handmade in UK. 

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