Cloud7: Vondelpark Multiway Dog Leash in Toffee


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  • Cloud7 Dog Leash Vondelpark Toffee
  • Cloud7 Dog Leash Vondelpark Toffee
  • Cloud7 Dog Leash Vondelpark Toffee

The Vondelpark, the largest and most renowned in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Vondelpark Dog leash is one of a kind, stylish leash hand crafted from wool mix rope. Finished with elegant nappa leather and stainless steel, the leash is uncomplicated to use, robust and tear-proof at the same time. 

Integrated with 2 intermediate o-rings along the leash, it can be used various lengths, comfortably worn round the waist, across the torso of the handler or simply hand held. The ring closest to the clip can be used to hold poop bag dispensers!


Care: Spot clean with damp cloth.

Length: 200cm


About Cloud7

Based in Berlin, the philosophy of Cloud7 revolves around eco-friendliness and fair trade. To us, it also spells quality, design. Understated style with premium quality material and workmanship is the result of the brand's passion for design and the love for dogs. From the material quality to being German crafted, the best reflection of eco-friendliness is a outcome of durability and graceful aging.


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