315-Count Earth Rated® Dog Waste Bags, 21 Refill Rolls


315-Count Earth Rated® Dog Waste Bags, 21 Refill Rolls

The best-smelling dog waste bags on the market are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! This new bulk refill pack includes 21 rolls of 15 lavender-scented or unscented bags that fit into most standard-sized leash dispensers. Earth Rated® products are the industry leader in terms of quality and most of all, affordability. Earth Rated® doesn't leave out the littlest of details - even rolls’ cores and packaging are made from recycled content!

Nobody likes poop on their hands. The bags measure 13" by 9" and come extra thick and tough!

  • 315 bags
  • 21 refill rolls, 15 bags per roll
  • Rolls fit into standard leash dispensers
  • Bags measure 9 x 13 inches
  • Lavender-scented or Unscented
  • Easy to open and detach from roll

Do you know pet waste is considered a dangerous pollutant? In the same category as oil!

Dog poop doesn't just go away with the rain. Harmful bacteria lingers long after poop disappears.. So please pick up after your pets!

Lavender-scented poop bags make picking up poop a little bit more pleasant. Scent is non-toxic and its formulation is derived from various plants, flower and fruit oils. What's more, scent complies with regulations with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Comes with a fragrance-free option too!

Know why picking up after your dog is good for the environment.

How to use and store the bags.

Use on its own or with our green bag dispenser!

Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Use the bags within a year of purchase.

Why Ginger and Bear loves Earth Rated

We are so pleased to introduce this line of green poop bags for its eco-friendliness. 

Poop bag material contains additive to allow its breaking down quickly, unlike traditional plastic bags. Roll cores are made from recycled material. Manufacturer donates poop bags that do not meet consumer quality standards to dog shelters. Excess production material will be recycled or reused for future production.

We love this product also because its people love dogs and cares to give back. It supports fundraising and adoption activities of local shelters and independent rescuers through product donations across the United States.

How to measure your dog

Take 1 tape measure and 1 dog (and maybe some treats).

Measure neck size for collars

Take measurement round the base of neck, with 2 fingers slag (UC). Then choose the collar size to match the measurement.

(Do not measure old collar.)

Measure girth for harness / apparel

Take measurement of the largest part of the chest (LC).

Girth is slightly behind the fore legs (not at the fore legs, 'arm pits').

Then choose the gear that matches your measurements.

Measure torso for apparel

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (L).

Choose the apparel that matches your measurements.


If you need further help in choosing the right size, please feel free to contact us woof [at] gingerandbear.com.sg


We are confident you or your furry family member would be happy with our merchandise and service. We work hard to ensure the quality or the merchandise we present here. If for some reason you are not, we'd be happy for an exchange.

Merchandise should be in original packing and re-sellable condition, unused and undamaged.  Exchanges should be made within 14 days from date of delivery and please allow 14 days for processing exchanges. Customers are responsible for charges that arise due to exchanges (such as delivery / shipping). Faulty items due to production/manufacturing will either be replaced or refunded as appropriate to the circumstances. Email us at woof [at] gingerandbear.com.sg with the order number and relevant details.

We reserve the right to deny any exchanges that do not meet exchange policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Simply The Best!

My dogs are Large and Extra Large and their poops are HUGE!! After using Earth Rated Poo Bags I wouldn’t use any others. The Earth Rated Poo Bags are big enough for one pick up of poops and it’s opaque so cannot see through the awful shit! Best of all it’s thick enough so you can’t smell the awfulness especially on the way to the bin when you have to walk pass people. No embarrassment at all. It also has the scented version. Quality is great! No leakages and doesn’t tear. Above these qualities Earth Rated Poo Bags is a Green product which will be good for people to support as an initiative to save and protect GIA. Earth Rated Poo Bags - Simply The Best!

Best Poop Bags

Ever since we’ve discovered ER, we have never looked back! Zero leaks spills bag tears and accidents plus they’re green! Outside in! 😂

The Best

Biodegradable without breaking apart when trying to pick poo up. (Which is what many of the other biodegradable options on the market are like) And also the right thickness so you don’t feel icky picking it up 😉

Kimmy De Leon
Environment Friendly Poop Bags

Have used this poop bags since day 1! Happy with its quality and that it's biodegradable and made from recyclable materials. Highly recommend it for that reason.

Alan B
Perfect product for poop

We needed biodegradable bags for our little pup. Also needed scent as - well you know why. These are well made, good for the planet and make life that little bit less difficult when going for early morning walks. Many thanks

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